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Review: Western Ties

Western Ties
Western Ties by Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
The following review contains some spoilers...Leave now if you don't want to read them.

This book was the culmination of a four book series. You really have to read them all in order because there are parts of them that are all happening at the same time.

That being said, if you have read the first three books, you knew a little bit of what was going to happen in this one. Knowing it was going to happen and reading it are two different things.

This book blew me away. Of course I bawled. Last chance to leave before the spoilers...

Still with me?

This was a wonderful end to the series. Finally we get to know Sawyer. I have to say, I was really pissed for him. I thought the way the brothers kept JD's illness from him was selfish and while they had what seemed like good motives, when it comes to loved ones, sometimes that just makes it worse. Of course I knew eventually that he would forgive them, but I felt like he gave in too easily. I was mad for him and wanted them to suffer just a little longer. Of course each of them has been suffering in their own ways in each of the books.

Leah was the perfect choice for Sawyer. In the beginning we get a chance to get to know her and how she relates to Sawyer. The dynamic of their relationship is colored by their past acquaintance. She is a rock for Sawyer when he needs her most and proves time and time again that she is more than a match for the fourth Compass brother. No matter what her own personal demons, she never lets them get in the way of being there for him.

So we all knew that this was THE END of the series. This book was a wonderful, moving, sad and uplifting book. We all knew that JD was going to die and that it would most likely happen in this book. There was way too much build up for it not to be going that way. But Holy Hannah, the authors could not have written a more dignified or moving death of a character. I knew it was going to be sad, I knew others had cried. I was prepared. Still I found myself, lying in bed, reading this book with tears silently coursing down my face.

The fact that I am reading this one day after my Uncle succumbed to a 20+ year battle with Leukemia just yesterday, probably didn't help. Oh hell, here I go again. I can't say any more.

You must read this book, but above all you must read the entire series. It is a moving portrayal of the kind of family everyone wishes they had. And for four books, you do. You will feel like this IS your family while reading this series.

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