Saturday, June 16, 2012

Review: Love Under Two Flyboys

Book number six in the Lusty, Texas Collection. Review originally posted at Fallen Angel Reviews.

Love Under Two Flyboys
Cara Covington

Tamara Jones is forced to make a crash landing at a tiny airstrip in the middle of nowhere. Doing a favor for her Uncle brings her to Lusty, Texas where she meets Morgan and Henry Kendall. She thinks she can stay long enough to get the plane fixed and avoid a relationship with these two hot brothers.

Morgan and Henry know right away that she is the girl for them. The trick is to convince Tamara of that.  She has a troubled family history and is not interested in a relationship period.  Also, they are worried about the circumstances under which she procured the plane.  When a stranger appears they are immediately suspicious.  Is Tamara’s life in danger?

Once again we get to visit the wonderful world of the Lusty, Texas Collection.  I can’t say enough about Ms. Covington and this fantastic series she writes.  This time it is Morgan and Henry’s turn to find true love. And their true love fell right out of the sky. They already told their Grandma Kate that they would find their own wife when the time came.  Grandma Kate wasn’t impressed and warned them, “You say that as if the right woman is going to just fall right out of the sky.”  I guess it’s not really irony when Ms. Covington is directing each character’s every move, but I still loved this plot device.  And the irony of the situation isn’t lost on the guys.  They are immediately drawn to Tamara. 
I know, the whole “fall in love in 24 hours thing” has been done to death. I don’t care.  It is still a popular trope for a reason. And this is romance, fantasy, I don’t want reality. I LIVE reality.  So as usual, I was drawn into the story and characters. I love the charming glimpse at the town and all its many characters. This time we get a glimpse at another future character, Peter Alvarez. I am constantly drawn in by not only the storyline but how each book shows this wonderful town and the families that live there. I look forward to my next “vacation” in Lusty, Texas.

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