Sunday, June 10, 2012

Review: Love Under Two Gunslingers

This is the first book in the Lusty, Texas Collection I originally wrote these reviews for Fallen Angel Reviews. I am posting the reviews for all of the series, in order leading up to a guest post from Cara Covington herself *squee* Ok, sorry, my fangirl moment is over. (for now) So please enjoy these reviews.

Love Under Two Gunslingers 
Cara Covington

Sarah has been sold into marriage and betrayed by her father. After a quickie wedding, her groom departs immediately to get their home in Texas ready.  He hires two gunslingers to escort her to through the wild Indian Territory. What Sarah doesn’t know is her new husband is counting on the fact that she won’t survive the trip.  Sparks fly between her and Caleb and Joshua Benedict from the beginning. Thinking this will be her last chance at love, she gives in.

Caleb and Joshua realize someone is trying to kill Sarah and they will do anything in their power to make sure that doesn’t happen. Determined to keep her safe and rescue her from a loveless marriage, the trip grows more dangerous.  When she gives into temptation, the stakes are raised. They have found the woman to complete their life and they won’t give her up for anything. Will they all survive?

I knew as soon as I read the first contemporary book in The Lusty, Texas Collection, that I wanted to go back and see how the great town of Lusty, Texas came to be. This is the first of two books that explain the history of the town and its forefathers. (And Mothers) 
The story of Sarah and her men begins in Chicago and details their arduous trek to Texas. Ms. Covington does a wonderful job of describing the harsh conditions of such a trip. I really felt as though I were on the train or in the stagecoach right along with them. It’s an exciting story that kept me enthralled all along. The reader knows that Sarah is being hunted long before she does. The mystery was a little predictable, but that was fine with me because the journey and the characters were so interesting. You’re also introduced to more characters that will be featured in the next installment and are an integral part of how the Benedicts finally save Sarah from death and a life of misery at the hands of the man who married her. I am pleasantly surprised at how Ms. Covington continues to keep the stories interesting and fresh. She has succeeded in maintaining my interest in the series and where it goes from here.

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