Sunday, June 17, 2012

Review: Love Under Two Strong Men

Book seven in the Lusty, Texas Collection. Review originally posted at Fallen Angel Reviews.

Love Under Two Strong Men
Cara Covington

Tracy has been in love with Jordan for most of her life.  When she realizes Jordan is in love with Peter she couldn’t be happier.  She is also attracted to the sexy Fed.  Now all she has to do is get her two stubborn men to realize that the three of them are a perfect fit. She takes matters into her own hand with a daring move that could backfire or give them all their hearts desire.  When they discover that Peter’s life is in danger, will it drive them farther apart or be the driving force that binds them together?
I do love this fictional town of Lusty, Texas.  People aren’t afraid to go after what they want and the town is a close knit community who always band together to help one another.  The added elements of danger and intrigue only enhance this wonderful chapter in the Lusty, Texas Collection. Ms. Covington continues to show us how this town and the citizens continue to grow and flourish is such an unrestricted environment.

 I was eager to read Tracy’s story. She has always been sort of in the background for most of the previous stories.  We have learned a little about her, but I wanted to know more about what made her tick.  The unconditional love she has for Jordan is just what he needs to become more comfortable in his skin.  I appreciate the way the author addresses this issue. In this series of books, ménage and bisexuality is an accepted way of life for an entire town. However, she does a fine job of illustrating that no matter how accepting the environment, not everyone is perfect. Someone growing up in such a place still has questions and doubts and Jordan is the perfect example of this.   On the flip side, Peter didn’t have it so easy growing up, yet he is a strong man comfortable with who he is.
Once again Ms. Covington has crafted a fine tale that continues to keep me interested in this series. I eagerly await the next installment.

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