Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Review:Love Under Two Benedicts

Book three in the Lusty, Texas Collection. Review originally posted on Fallen Angel Reviews.

Love Under Two Benedicts
Cara Covington

In the aftermath of personal tragedy, Kelsey Madison found a new beginning in Lusty, Texas. Uninterested in affairs of the heart, she doesn’t realize two of Lusty’s most eligible bachelors have turned their sights on her. Once she does, she decides there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun, as long as it’s only physical.

Matthew and Steven Benedict knew Kelsey was the one for them the moment they saw her. They set out to woo her with flowers, chocolates and wild sex designed to addict her to them.

Then an unexpected guest cracks the ice encasing Kelsey’s heart, making her face the ghosts from her past, finally putting them to rest. But her future with the brothers Benedict is threatened when an unknown enemy targets Kelsey. Can they stop him before it’s too late?

The author did a good job of showing a woman who has decided to embrace a sexual awakening with no strings attached. I fell in love with Kelsey's character because she is haunted by a traumatic past. I loved watching her blossom into a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it. Cara also does a good job of showing the emotions of each of the participants involved. The frustration and patience of Matthew and Steven is played against Kelsey's determination not to give in to them.

The sex scenes are H-O-T Hot! I love how Cara Covington manages to find new ways to snare the reader’s interest. Watching her fall for the brothers despite her best intentions, made me feel like I was there experiencing it. At times I was on Kelsey's side and others on Matthew and Steven's side, but always rooting for a happy ending.

I also loved how she had a bit of a mystery and some suspense in this book. It isn't just a sappy romance, but it kept me on my toes and interested. I like it when a book isn't just about the sex. And the suspense portion of the plot doesn't come off as an afterthought like so many books can. Watching the Benedict men protect their woman appeals on so many levels.
All in all, the author did a good job of balancing the sex with an actual plot and that is a huge plus. We get to meet many other characters and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series and see how she can progress it from here.

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