Monday, June 11, 2012

Review:Love Under Two Lawmen

Book two in the Lusty, Texas Collection. Review Originally posted at Fallen Angel Reviews.

Love Under Two Gunslingers  
Cara Covington

Amanda Dupree is an illegitimate daughter of a mistress so she chooses an unconventional road in her career choice. When she becomes a private investigator, her investigations put her in danger and on the run. She decides to seek refuge with a cousin she has never met, while also searching for her father’s legacy.

In Waco, Texas she meets two lawmen who set her heart racing.  Warren Jessop and Adam Kendall are the perfect men to help her find the treasure her father has hidden.  Amanda’s past comes back to haunt them all, leaving them racing for their lives to find the treasure before the bad guys find her.

I grow to love these books more and more, the farther I get into the series.  With the second and last book in The Lost Collection part of The Lusty, Texas Collection, I learned more about how the wonderful town of Lusty, Texas and its inhabitants came to be.  In this book we meet the Kendall/Jessop branch of the family.  Once again, Ms. Covington, manages to grab interest from page one with a heroine on the run.  The books in this series are a perfect blend of intrigue, passion and love.  

In this book there is the added bonus of a treasure hunt, long lost family and the promise of the perfect town that we see in present day Lusty, Texas.  I did not mind knowing going in that the characters would have a guaranteed HEA.  It was the journey and the adventure and there was more than enough of it to keep me occupied.  Also, as per Ms. Covington’s trademark, the sex scenes were steamy enough for me to avoid reading them in public lest my blush give me away.  It is a must read book for people who love The Lusty Texas Collection and would like to know more about Lusty, Texas and its beginnings and the beginnings of the founding families.

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