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Independence Day Blog Hop Guest Post: Melody Snow Monroe

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Today our guest is Melody Snow Monroe. Thanks again Melody for giving away a book a day.  Don't forget to comment below (leave your email please) for your chance to win a book from Melody and also be entered into the final giveaway of a $10 giftcard from BN or Amazon.  Thanks for playing. Take it away Melody.


Have you ever wondered what it might be like if you were taking a leisurely walk in the woods and ended up in an alternate reality where there were lion, wolf, and bear shifters? Don’t ask me why I was thinking about that, as I’ve written thirty-five contemporary novels, none of which have contained paranormal elements, but it got me thinking how would it work and what would it be like. Would you be scared? Excited? Or in total denial?
I’m lucky enough to have married a man well versed in not only New Age lore but Quantum Physics, so I figured he might have an idea about how one would could get from one reality to another (assuming alternate realities existed). Since I have a math and business degree, my scientific mind really wanted to know.
According to the geniuses of the world, one would pass through a coordinate point. Who knew? I changed the name of this passage to an alignment point to protect the innocent, but loved the idea that something like this might really exist.

Next, I wanted to know how one might shift from a man into an animal. I couldn’t find any local shifters, so I had to use my imagination, or rather listen to my husband’s logical explanation. He commented that since matter could neither be created nor destroyed, one could not go from a two hundred pound man to a four hundred pound animal without using the principles of physics. I did mention that when one was in a different reality perhaps the laws of physics didn’t apply. He didn’t buy it. He hypothesized that the shifters used the ambient energy to transform from one form in to another. What kind of energy I asked? Aha! That was the fun part. Once we discussed that concept, the world of Anterra was born.

I had such fun creating what this alternate reality would be. Questions such as what would they eat to where they would live had to be addressed. How would a woman from earth fit in? Since I wanted my characters to know the idioms of English, I decided there were times when they could receive the satellite images from earth and see our television. If I made my new world inhabitants a little more advanced technologically, I could explain away a lot of things.

So my new series, High Country Shifters, was born. The town that “connects” to this reality is called Spirit, Colorado. I decided that my alternate reality of Anterra has an abundance of psychic energy (the energy that allows my men to shift), and like our own gravitational energy, leaks out from Anterra into earth through this alignment point. This psychic energy has caused many human psychics to move there. Since it is in the Colorado Rockies, Spirit is also ski resort, allowing for many tourists to come and go.

The shifters can move from one reality to the other only when the roaming alignment point is in the right position. Once the world was created, I came up with a ton of new hypotheses. Here are a few questions I addressed along with the title and release date of the books.

ANIMAL PASSIONS- release date: September 17, 2012. What would you do if you were taking a hike in the woods and walked straight into an alternate reality where there were lion shifters?

STRAY CATS- release date: October 8, 2012. What would you do if you found out you were a lion shifter?

ROGUE SHIFTER – release date: October 29, 2012. How would you handle a lion shifter gone rogue?

ENEMIES IN LOVE – release date: November 19, 2012. How would you cope if you are childhood friends with your mortal enemy?

I’ve got a few more stories rattling around in my head so stay tuned. Happy reading.

Melody Snow Monroe


  1. Have a wonderful 4th!! Thanks for the giveaway...fingers crossed!! :)

  2. Love the idea of crossing into another reality. Kind of like what we do when reading. Happy 4th of July


  3. Sounds very interesting. I love the way authors think and get your ideas. Happy 4th.
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  4. I do love your books Melody! :) Always excited to see what you come up with next!
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  5. Nice post. Sounds like an interesting book.


  6. Happy 4th of July thanks for sharing with us :O) Be safe!

  7. I love shifters! Thanks for the giveaway. Happy Independence Day!

  8. Happy 4th!
    Im excited for this series, I really like shifter books. I was at the Stanley Hotel in Co. a few years ago and that was the best wierdest vacation i ever had. I totally believe in the psychic energy now that i was there. LOL
    enjoy the rest of the day

  9. LOL! At least you found a way to relate your interests...besides, it really is interesting to make a logical reason for shifters, not just "it's magic". Thanks for the post.

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  11. "Spirit, Colorado"? I love the name of the town.
    Happy July 4th!
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  12. Sounds like an interesting universe. Can't wait to read all about it!!


  13. Happy 4th of July!!! Thanks for the contest! We loved watching the fireworks tonight! They were GREAT!!!

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