Saturday, October 20, 2012

Review: Worth the Risk

Worth It Book 2: Originally posted on Fallen Angel Reviews

Hunter Worth is the middle brother in the Worth family.  Head of marketing for Worth Luxury Goods, when he is not focused on business it is all about pleasure. He sets his sights on a member of the marketing team. Gracie Hayes is fighting her attraction to Hunter and it’s a losing battle. She is an independent woman who relies on no one but is finding it hard to resist Hunter. When Hunter realizes she is the one for him will he be able to convince Gracie?

Book 2 in the Worth It trilogy takes up where Worth the Scandal left off. I love that we get to see the wedding of Tessa and Alex. Getting a peek at the previous characters is such a treat and only enhances the book.  This time we get an in depth look at Hunter, the middle brother. This character seems to be a classic middle child. Responsible and living up to his duties, he is constantly frustrated by how the youngest brother seems to get away with murder.

Gracie has her own issues. She has no family dynamic to speak of and seems to have more patience and understanding for the youngest brother, Rhett. When Gracie finally gets a chance to reunite with her long lost Grandma, it did not go smoothly. I liked that it was not a forgone conclusion. Like, oh yay, I finally found my grandma, and now all is well. It added to the drama of the story and made for good reading. The grandma has her own issues, and isn’t that true for any family? Ms. Erickson seems to have a good handle on family dynamics and is very good at illustrating them clearly for the reader. I enjoyed this book almost as much as I did the first one.  There is just something about how she writes a scene that makes it easy for me to picture clearly as if I were there. I am looking forward to the last story in this trilogy. Now that we have gotten to know Rhett a little better it will be nice to see how his story plays out.

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