Monday, November 12, 2012

Review: Scion's Freedom


As the Scion of the House of Dracul, vampire princess Cassy Daniels just wants a simple, royal-free life in New Atlanta. It’s been thirty years since The Fall, when the world’s economy collapsed. Although supernatural creatures are helping to rebuild society, Cassy remains in hiding to avoid an arranged marriage.

When her journalist bodyguard and best friend, Erica, is assassinated, she flees for her life with the help of Detective David Ashe. He’s reluctant at first. She used him a few weeks prior. However, she’s the sole survivor of a serial killing and his only lead. Something about David is magnetic and Cassy falls for him hard.

Can they find Erica’s killer before he finds them? Can David forgive her past enough to love her? Can the Council of Crones, a coven of elder witches, provide more insight as to who is hunting Cassy and why? Will she survive the assassination attempts and still hold on to the man she loves?

This book was an interesting take on the vampire/paranormal world.  In a way, the method in which paranormal beings were outed, happens during something that closely mirrors the world’s financial state today.  The fact that it was all orchestrated by a single entity was fricking genius. And definitely sociopathic. The way the author wove in a little bit of the history of the original Dracula or Dracul was very smooth and gave the story an added dimension.

OK, on with the review. This book snagged my interest from page one and I wasn’t able to put it down. The suspenseful plot kept me guessing and the twists and turns continued right up until the end. Ok, some of it I was able to guess. I totally had it figured out who the bad guy was but not “WHO” the bad guy was. (Yeah, I am trying not to give it away) That one shocked me a little bit, no, a lot.  I figured he had something to do with the murder, but not that “HE” was he. Make sense? Then you need to go read it and it will ALL make plenty of sense. I do so love a good sociopath as the villain.  Makes for good reading! So if you are looking for a good vampire book with hot sex, plenty action and minor gore, this book will be for you. Enjoy.

**On a side note, I finally found a book where the character with the name “Ursula” was not a villain! She was a very good guy and I got a kick out of reading a character with my name. It has only happened a handful of times and all but two times, she was a villain. I don’t think my name sounds evil. Do you?**

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