Friday, December 7, 2012

Guest Blog: Randi Alexander

New Holiday Release and Book Giveaway

I'm so excited to be here today. The last time I guest blogged, I had such a great time chatting with everyone. Thanks to Love Books! Book Reviews for having me again!

What's the deal with little brothers? Our LittleMan alternately makes his sisters' lives profoundly joyous or completely unbearable. One minute he's helping them fix a broken toy, using his impressive motor skills, then the next time I see him, he's massacring the girls' favorite One Direction song whilst they yell at him.

My own brothers were older, so they ended up being more protectors than pests, for which I'm very grateful. And I know one day LittleMan will take the role of watchdog for his sisters. But for now, it's me in the referee shirt, blowing the whistle and calling time outs.

This whole "learning to be a man" concept is difficult for him right now, too. His favorite saying is, "But the girls don't have to!" To which Kick replies, "A gentleman holds the door open for ladies." Followed closely by LittleMan's "But they're not ladies!" And the guys go off to the garage to talk cowboy talk for a while.

He is a good kid, though, my LittleMan, and I don't dare confirm it in writing, but he may just be my favorite. His sense of humor is amazing, his enthusiasm is as addictive as chocolate, and his smile lights up the room. Little brothers make good heroes.

I included an excerpt today from my new release Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas, where the hero, Boone, is having…issues…with his little brother, Jayden. (Jayden, by the way, has his own book coming out in February - Cowboy Jackpot: St. Patrick's Day.) Hope you like the scene. It was easy to write, considering what goes on between my little twerplettes.

Here's the blurb: A lucky first kiss in front of a Las Vegas slot machine pays off big for bull rider Boone Hancock and New York college student Gigi Colberg-Staub. During the day they spend together as VIP guests of the casino, an intense attraction develops. Throughout the night they share in the big bed of the comped suite, hot, sensual moves ignite wild climaxes.

When Gigi receives a miscommunication, she believes Boone thinks of her as one-night buckle bunny. She confronts him, but Boone convinces himself it's best for both of them if she goes on believing that, and he lets her walk out of his life. When he realizes his mistake, and then sees the sacrifice Gigi made for him, is it too late to win her back?

Excerpt: Boone took off his hat and ran his fingers through his hair, lifting it into messy, sexy locks that she wanted to get a hold of. He stalked toward her.

Gieselle didn't believe for a minute Dallas had been talking about Boone losing his winnings at the casino. He'd been referring to her, to how quickly their feelings for each other had developed. The way Boone had responded to his buddy, Gieselle didn't know if she should believe the words Boone had said to her about fate and luck, or if his honest thoughts included the fear of getting "suckered in" by her.

Either way, she would be with him as much as she could over the next two days. Something about him pulled her in, made her want to know everything about him. The few guys she'd dated seriously in New York had never made her this…nesty? Could that be it? Had finally meeting a true gentleman, an all-American male, given her ideas of what she was missing in her life?

Gieselle swallowed and looked at the bed. "Ready for what?"

He laughed and set his hat on the dresser. As he reached her, he held out his hand. "For a wild night of…partying?"

Sliding into his arms, she smiled. "Is that what you cowboys call it?" Her body melted against his, her arms wound tightly around his neck.

His lips brushed her jaw and settled at the sensitive skin near her ear. "Call it gettin' to know you, beautiful."

A knock sounded. "Hey you two, we're ordering booze from room service and charging it to your room." Jayden sounded so much like his brother.

"Go ahead," Boone shouted over his shoulder.

"We got beer, whiskey, tequila, and vodka and tonic for Miss Kira. Anything else? Gigi?"

Boone raised his eyebrows. "What's your pleasure tonight?" His hard shaft pressed against her belly.

She shifted her hips against him. "Besides this?"

He groaned and stepped his feet farther apart, hitting her lower with the rise behind his fly. "You know this'll be pleasure for you. As much as you want."

"I want…" You. She couldn't say the word. It sounded too serious. "How about gin? I'd love a gin and tonic."

He nodded and shouted over his shoulder. "Gin. And make it the good stuff, Jay."

"Right." His voice moved away from the door.

Boone ran his knuckles over her cheek. "Where were we?" He tipped his head and moved closer.

"Hey." Jaden's voice came through the door. "It'll be here in ten minutes." He laughed. "Just enough time for you to get it done in there, huh, big brother?"

Boone's lips tightened. "Get away from that door."

Gieselle smiled. "Ten minutes, huh?"

"He's got to die." Boone pressed his lips to hers.

A pop sounded outside the door. It had to be the cork from the champagne bottle.

"There he goes! Didn't even last ten minutes." Jayden shouted.

Somewhere in the living room, Dallas laughed.

Gieselle smiled against Boone's lips. "This isn't going to happen right now, is it."

"No." He stepped back. "But I'm gonna take a great deal of pleasure in thumping my baby brother into that nice carpet out there." He walked to the door and ripped it open.


I'd like to hear your stories of sibling rivalry. Did your brother make your life miserable? Or was he a great friend? I'm giving away an ecopy of one of my backlist books to one lucky commenter.

Cowboy Jackpot: Christmas is available in digital format at Smashwords and Amazon, and in paperback at Createspace and Amazon.

Thanks for coming by today!
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  1. I don't have a brother, little or otherwise. I do have an older sister and, for the most part, we got along as siblings should, no big fights or anything.


  2. Hi Joanne, glad to hear you have a great relationship with your older sister. I think I need to get a book on how to make that happen in my own family. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I had the meanest younger sister. 1 time she got a chair colored on the wall and then blamed me. I got a butt whooping. That set the tone!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oooh, that's bad. We have talks with the kids all the time about telling the truth and integrity, but we still catch them fibbing. I hope they grow out of it soon!

  5. What a jackpot! Wow. I'm an only child, but I get to see so much fighting between my parents and their siblings. It's so tough. I hope for the best, because it's hard to see, especially around the holidays.

  6. Hi Loisa, thanks for sharing. Sorry the adults haven't gotten over that sibling squabbling thing. Hope your holidays are peaceful this year!

  7. My apologies for getting to this so late. Using, Patches is the winner of one of my backlist ebooks. Please contact me at Randi (at) RandiAlexander (dot) com to claim your prize, and please let me know if you'd like Chase and Seduction, Her Cowboy Stud, Cowboy Bad Boys, or Turn Up the Heat, and in which format you'd like.

    Thanks so much to Love Books for hosting me, and thanks to everyone who stopped by and let a comment.