Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review by Amy: Consequences

Besieged by memories of a brutal abduction, Claire Nichols wakes in an unfamiliar bedroom, within a luxurious mansion. Her recollections have one common denominator, the man she just met, Anthony Rawlings. 

Unbeknownst to Claire, for a very long time, she has been within Anthony’s sights. Many of the pivotal events in her life occurred, due to his sinister manipulation. Every action has a consequence, and his actions result in their chance meeting. 

More than a psychological thriller, Consequences is a vivid story of one woman’s struggle to survive incomprehensible circumstances. Every aspect of her being suddenly depends upon the tall, wealthy, dark haired, dark eyed businessman. Anthony Rawlings is known to the world as prosperous, benevolent, and kind. Claire quickly learns that he can also be a menacing controlling captor. 
With few options but concession, Claire attempts to earn her freedom, while enduring a hellish existence that truly appears perfect. Persevering tests and trials, she struggles to retain her pure Midwest values and beliefs. Encouraged by memories of a loving upbringing, she gains strength in the simplest of joys: solitude in nature and good in the face of evil. 

His goal in sight, Anthony’s calculated agenda encounters an unforeseen detour. He becomes captivated by Claire’s beauty, resilience, and determination. The interaction of these two compelling characters instigates strong emotions: fear, anger, love, and lust. Claire and Anthony’s tumultuous journey flows into uncharted waters of intrigue and passion. 

Utilizing vivid detail, this 167,000-word novel unfolds like a movie, before the eyes of its readers. From the opening criminal abduction, through twists and turns, to the unlikely romantic thrills, the suspense climaxes as Anthony’s motivation becomes evident. 

Anthony and Claire must decide if they will stay true to one another, or allow preceding actions to result in justifiable Consequences 


Hi! Amy again and Ursula gave me one HELL of a book to review for you today I loved it, I hated it and I could not stop reading it. I will warn you now this review will contain some strong language so if your delicate ears can’t handle  my sailor mouth look away now J I also usually try really hard not to give away any spoilers, but this time I’m going to give a few away. I just don’t think I can talk about this book unless I talk about a few key issues. So let’s get rolling and find out why Consequences by Aleatha Romig has brought out my inner sailor! Lol
            Anthony (Tony) Rawlings, millionaire, philanthropist, fucking asshole jerk kidnaps Claire Nichols, out of work meteorologist and bar tender. Tony has kidnapped Claire to get revenge on the man that helped take down his grandfathers company for insider trading and securities fraud. Claire’s grandfather was a FBI agent that went undercover to investigate Tony’s family business and helped put his grandfather in jail. Tony is a master at manipulation and knows that his money will buy him whatever he wants and he wants Claire and her family to suffer greatly.
            Tony has kidnapped Claire and he abuses her in every way imaginable. Physically he rapes and beats her almost to death. Emotionally he takes away her freedoms and her access to everything in the outside world. She is a prisoner in his lavish mansion. This was only the first part of the book and I was like WTF! After Tony has broken Claire down he starts to build her back up. The beatings stop and he starts to treat her like a lover, but Claire is still scared of him and he still has total control over every move she makes for some fucking insane reason Claire marries the fucking asshole jerk. This is the part where I’m thinking Stockholm syndrome on steroids, OMG! The whole time I was thinking that their relationship was a train wreck that I couldn’t turn away from. Now the last part of the book is where Tony kicks his revenge plan in high gear and has what is left of Claire’s family taken away from her and finally Claire herself is arrested for the attempted murder of Tony. By the end of the book I was a wreck, I cried for Claire and was a little sick to my stomach at the afterward. Like I said one hell of a book!
            I have NEVER wanted to jump into a book and smack the ever loving shit out of a character as much as I did Anthony. I absolutely hated this man. The sexual abuse in the book was not graphic, and in my opinion this was a good thing because the other types of abuse particularly the emotional abuse was very detailed. Claire was a strong woman who survived terrible circumstances. I have high hopes that Claire will begin to get HER revenge on Tony soon. This book was compelling and brilliantly written. There will be 2 more books in the series and I will be diving into the next book, Truth, soon. I give my fellow Hoosier 5 bright stars and recommend that you all read Consequences and join the, I hate that fucking asshole jerk Anthony club with me!        


  1. LMAO at your sailor mouth! This book made my Top Picks of 2012. Mind. Blown! That ending...omgomgomg...Wait until you read book two. Shut the front fucking door girl! You will be cussing even worse!

    1. LOL. Just on the basis of Amy's review I have decided I really need to read this book. (That and the fact that Ms. Romig is going to be participating in my Birthday Bash). I loved her sailor mouth and can't wait to read these books!