Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review: Fiona's Two Masters

Please welcome my favorite guest reviewer:

Hello it’s me, Amy, again! I've kicked Ursula out of the driver’s seat and let me tell you it was quite the scuffle. The woman is a complete CONTROL freak.J She actually is letting me do a few reviews so you might see me every now and then.

Prometheus in chains # 3 Fiona’s Two Masters by Clair de Lune is what I’ll be sharing with you today. Ursula has reviewed the first two books in the series which you can check out here:        

 Fiona is on the run from her abusive jerk wad of an ex and ends up at her friend Emma’s (who is from book 2). Emma and Fiona who are both subs go to the BDSM club, Prometheus in chains where Fiona meets twin doms. Master Alexander and Master Ruari help heal Fiona’s broken heart, body and spirit making her a girl with a very happy ever after.
            Each book in this series is short, under a 100 pages. I think that makes it a great one to read when you are looking for a quick series. The book flowed well and was a fast read. I will say Ms. De Lune has a writing style that is not my normal read. It’s a little more formal then what I’m use to.
            The book is pretty fast moving and events take place within a very short period of time.  For this reason I don’t think I got to emotionally connect with Ruari and Alexander as much as I would like. You do get to see Fiona moving towards her healing and this feels a little rushed also. All in all a good 4 star book. Make sure you check out the entire series!

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