Friday, December 14, 2012

Review: Learning to Live with her Master

Please welcome my favorite guest reviewer:

 Hello to all my fellow readers it’s Amy again, back for another review! 

Prometheus in Chains # 4 Learning to Live with Her Master by Clair de Lune is what I will be reviewing for you today. In the fourth book of the series we get to revisit the people who started it all Angus and Jane. Angus and Jane are older then what you are probably use to in hero and heroine late fifties and early sixties, but don’t be judgmental. I think you will be surprised.  This seems to be a genre that needs to be filled. Woman of every age love to read a good romance and I know some of the mature woman will be happy to see a book published with them in mind. My grandma was a wild and crazy gal and would have loved this!
This book just like number 3 in the series all take place around the same time with some of the events overlapping between books 2,3 and 4 so we see events that took place in the other books , but from Jane and Angus’s perspective. In this book Jane is trying to feel her way through her relationship with Angus and to better understand what is driving her need for the BDSM lifestyle and just like any relationship there is a learning curve and bumps in the road. Jane is still working on her confidence issues, with Angus right by her side helping her. Jane is also having to come to terms with her granddaughter Emma being in the lifestyle as well.
I believe this book to be an honest representation of a mature adult with health issues in the BDSM lifestyle. Jane has arthritis and that is addressed in the book. This is an obstacle that they have to work around, but I love that it doesn’t stop Jane and Angus from living life the way they choose without regrets.  Proving what my mom always said, “Live life the way you want and tell everybody else to go to hell”! I will admit that sometimes the formal writing style of Ms. de Lune takes some getting use to and the voice in my head gets all uppity when I’m reading these books. J This book flows well and is a quick easy read that excellently deals with the issues of a later in life BDSM relationship and for that I will give this book a 4 star rating.                                                                       

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