Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Review: The Season of Snow and Snogging

Niki Immonen and his American boyfriend Charlie Hale are all set for a Finnish-style family Christmas at Niki’s family’s country cottage, hoping to stay for a week.
Only…the place is way out in the wilderness, miles from any semblance of civilization, with no electricity and no running water, let alone hot water, and loads of relatives are constantly close by.
What can two lovers do for privacy and intimacy out in the boondocks? Will they choose the guest bedroom, or the sauna, or the snowy woods? And what will Santa bring these boys for Christmas?
After all, they have not been naughty, but very nice—to their family, and especially to each other.
Presents or no, the best gift for Christmas is always love.

I know I am a little late in posting this. Sorry guys! The holidays sure did sneak up on me fast!  This book sure did make me homesick for all the holidays we have spent up in the Northwoods. I know it's not Finland but it does get really snowy and cold and my in-laws live way out in the boonies. I miss that feeling of being snowbound and having nothing to do but spend time with the family and enjoy the holidays.

Anyway, this story was a cute holiday novella. In addition to being about a couple whose relationship has lasted more than 5 years, it is also about home and family. Ms. Laine did a fabulous job of painting a loving family unit who accepts everyone for who they are. It was a heartwarming tale that really got me in the mood for my own family time this season.  We also got an interesting glimpse into some of the Finnish customs for the holidays. I can't say that I have ever much given thought to how people in Finland celebrate a Christmas but I am now do. It was a beautifully detailed look at a traditional (I assume) holiday. All in all this book was just the right book for a holiday read. 

That being said, there were also some hot sex scenes and fun in a sauna. This book would be good to read any time of the year for its themes of love and family values. I give it 4 stars.

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