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Jane's Gift Blog Tour: Interview with Karen Erickson

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Review: The Good Sister Part Two

The Good Sister Part Two
The Good Sister Part Two by London Saint James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Trinity Lane Winslow stepped out of her fantasy world and into the real one on a quest to obtain the object of her desire—Reid Addison. The pursuit led her to the infamous Madam Jacqueline Claudette Rousseau, the man she craved, and the debonair Lord Archer, the man who offered what she really longed for—love.

When Reid revealed his dark side, he knew he’d sealed his fate and pushed Trinity into the waiting arms of Lord Archer. Can he live with his decision?

Lord Archer would do anything for his beautiful Trinity, but is he strong enough to hold onto her with all that conspire against them?

Guest Reviewer Amy: Review of Cowboy Jackpot

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Blog Tour & Review: The Secret Life of Avery O'Dea

Welcome to the Bottom Drawer Publications Blog Tour of:
The Secret Life of Avery O'Dea

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review: The Good Sister: Part One

The Good Sister: Part One
The Good Sister: Part One by London Saint James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am blown away by this book. I was drawn in from the beginning by the story of this wounded girl and the man she fell for. It was a journey of the soul. The characters were so beautifully human, flawed and tortured. They are all very selfish. Only thinking about what they want, not worrying about what others could want. It sounds bad, but I don’t mean it that way. It is all part of their emotional growth in this story. The fact that Ms. Saint James illustrated these characters so realistically made them riveting to read. Real people are selfish and flawed and tortured. Real people are loving, caring and giving. Seeing Reid through Trinity’s eyes, even in the beginning I think I could tell that he had feelings for her that he didn't know or understand. There was an immediate connection. Getting to know him through the story, there were moments I wanted to kill Reid. The more I got to know him, the more I liked him. Even while being unapologetic about who he was, it was clear he had strong emotions where Trinity was concerned.

The character of Trinity is one of the best flawed heroines I have read in quite a while. She is unapologetic in her motives and not afraid to admit when she is wrong. The emotional growth she experiences was wonderful to read. Despite the fact that she calls herself a “ghost” more than once, she has more courage than any one I have ever known. A traumatic event in her childhood shaped her life in a crippling way. Yet through it all she fights to overcome the psychological damage it has wrought. Ms. Saint James could easily have fallen into the trap of making Trinity the stereotypical wounded heroine but she didn't. The journey Trinity takes is awe inspiring albeit selfish. She goes after what she wants with no thought to anyone else’s feelings or emotions. My heart ached for her and I could feel the depth of her pain. She had to be selfish to reclaim every little piece of her soul.

For my first book by this author, I just have to say, wow. This book was just fascinating. The settings were described in wonderful detail. The people all so interesting I had to keep reading until the end. I will say the end caught me by surprise. I am not really a big cliffhanger person, but for this book it works. I am eager to devour the next book and see how this story will progress and end. I am going to be re-reading this story for a long time.

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Guest Post: Bronwen Evans

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Thinking Like a Man! I have too…

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Review: Unleashed

Unleashed by Crystal Jordan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It is a future few envisioned--humans with the ability to shape and shift into every imaginable predator on earth. This new world is dangerous, dark and filled with desire. . .

Hunting Temptation

Fox-shifter Gea Crevan is a PI working a case deep in the underbelly of New Chicago. She relies on ruthless businessman and leopard-shifter Quilliam North for good intel and even better sex, but resists taking him as her mate. Until she witnesses his carnal lust for another, and suddenly all her feral instincts are unleashed. . .

Reclaiming Temptation

Grifter Felicia Tamryn is half cheetah and all woman who always gets what she wants. Until the day she tries to con Constantine Breckenridge and instead finds her heart held tight in the talons of an eagle-shifter. Felicia tries to run but her past and her body betray her, catching her in a sexual trap of her own making. . .

[WARNING! This is a REALLY HOT book. (Sexually Explicit)]

Review: Brooke's Wish

Brooke's Wish
Brooke's Wish by Sandra Bunino

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A failed relationship and long hours at her flourishing practice have Dr. Brooke Allaire running on empty. When Brooke accepts a girlfriend’s gift of some holiday pampering at New York City’s posh Satin Rose Experience, she assumes she’s in for a weekend of facials and massages. Brooke soon realizes there’s more to SRE than meets the eye.

Ty Venice is a team player. He’s used to sharing submissives with fellow Dom Jackson Reid. However, if there was ever a game changer, Dr. Brooke Allaire was it. That is, until he gets a glimpse at her ultimate fantasy, to be possessed by two men at once.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Review: Scion's Freedom


As the Scion of the House of Dracul, vampire princess Cassy Daniels just wants a simple, royal-free life in New Atlanta. It’s been thirty years since The Fall, when the world’s economy collapsed. Although supernatural creatures are helping to rebuild society, Cassy remains in hiding to avoid an arranged marriage.

When her journalist bodyguard and best friend, Erica, is assassinated, she flees for her life with the help of Detective David Ashe. He’s reluctant at first. She used him a few weeks prior. However, she’s the sole survivor of a serial killing and his only lead. Something about David is magnetic and Cassy falls for him hard.

Review: Jane's Gift

Jane's Gift
Jane's Gift by Karen Erickson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A devastating house fire cost Jane Clark nearly everything: her husband, her confidence, and her looks, with the physical scars marbling her body. Now, two years later, she’s living and healing back in her childhood hometown of Lone Pine Lake. The upcoming holidays are the perfect opportunity to bring some Christmas cheer into her young children’s lives, starting with a visit to the firehouse, where her brother’s best friend has offered to help quell their residual fears.

Review and Giveaway!: Binding Arbitration

Find the giveaway details below:
Binding Arbitration
Binding Arbitration by Elizabeth Marx

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Through the corridors of the Windy City’s criminal courts, single mother Libby Tucker knows exactly how far she’ll go to save her cancer-stricken son’s life. The undefeated defense attorney is prepared to take her fight all the way to the majors.

Circumstances force Libby to plead her case at the cleats of celebrity baseball player Banford Aidan Palowski, the man who discarded her at their college graduation. Libby has worked her backside bare for everything she’s attained, while Aidan has been indulged since he slid through the birth canal and landed in a pile of Gold Coast money. But helping Libby and living up to his biological duty could jeopardize the only thing the jock worships: his baseball career.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Review: FrankenDom

FrankenDom by Robin L. Rotham

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A scientist with an obsession. A protégée with an agenda. And a surgeon with needs too long denied...

Vascular surgeon Dr. Rachel McBride knows she'd be insane to pass up a prestigious fellowship for the chance to work on Julian Kilmartin's cutting-edge research project. The reclusive neurologist has been the object of her submissive daydreams since residency, and time and distance have only strengthened the dark compulsion.