Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Birthday Bash!!!

It's time! My month long Birthday Bash is here! I am so excited for you to see all the authors and bloggers who are participating!  Here is the list as I have it so far:

  1. Author: Lexxie Couper: Book Promo and Giveaway
  2. Blogger: Guest Reviewer Amy: Top Ten books and Giveaway
  3. Author: Shyla Colt: Book Promo, Review and Giveaway
  4. Author: Tory Michaels: Book Promo, Guest Post and Giveaway
  5. Author: Emma Lang: Blog Tour, Review and Giveaway
  6. Blogger: Guest Reviewer Amy: Amy Interviews the Birthday girl and Giveaway
  7. Author: Aleatha Romig: Book Promo, Interview and Giveaway
  8. Author: Clair de Lune: Guest Post and Giveaway
  9. Blogger: Amanda Cantu: Indie Author Pimp Out and Giveaway
  10. Author: Avery Flynn: Surprise Post
  11. Author: Karen Erickson: Book Promo and Giveaway
  12. Blogger: Kitty Kelly: Surprise Post and Giveaway
  13. Author: Cara Covington: Valentine's Day in Lusty, Texas Guest Post and Giveaway
  14. Author: Rhian Cahill: Interview and Giveaway
  15. Book Blast: Book Promo: The Unspeakable
  16. Author: Michaela Rhua: Book Promo and Giveaway
  17. Author: Elise Marion: Blog Tour, Book Promo, Review and Giveaway
  18. Author: Mari Carr: Book Promo, Sneak Peak and Giveaway
  19. Author: Jess Dee: Guest Post and Giveaway
  20. Author: Randi Alexander: Book Promo and Giveaway
  21. Author: Shyla Colt: Book Promo and Giveaway
  22. Author: Jayne Rylon: Surprise Post
  23. Author: Kalissa Wayne: Guest Post
  24. Author: Madeline Sheehan: Interview
  25. Author: Sandra Bunino: Book Promo, Review and Giveaway
  26. Author: Doris O'Connor: Book Promo, Review and Giveaway
  27. Author: Lila Shaw: Guest Post and Giveaway
  28. Author: Raven McAllen: Guest Post,Book Promo, and Giveaway


  1. Replies
    1. If your BD is the 6th, you share the day with my niece (who will be 19)

    2. The actual date of my birthday is the 20th. Hope you get a chance to check back each day for all the great posts and prizes.