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Review: Big Bad Bite

*See below for a steamy excerpt, and a funny excerpt*

Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!

Ok well, it’s more like Wolves and Tigers and Demons, with some vampires and a bear thrown in. I have to admit, my interest was drawn from the beginning. Here you have this bad ass chick who is the only female member of her brand new SWAT team. The book opens with her first day on the job.  As the day progresses, we learn more and more about Jenna, but really, we are given more questions than answers.  So many unanswered questions, I found myself speeding through the book to find out the answers. Of course just when you think they are answered, BAM. More shit happens and then you have a dozen more questions.

Phew! Talk about a rollercoaster. And I have to admit, there are several characters in this book that left me eager to learn more. Sure a lot of the men are basically glorified man sluts, but I refuse to believe that is all there is to them. I just know there are deeper motivations to their behaviors. I don’t want to give too much away, but I was really intrigued by Kent, Gage, and Alec. Alec I suspect may simply be a man whore. But Gage and Kent really got me curious. Lucky Jenna, to be working around all of that delicious man candy.

This is a rich interesting world and Big Bad Bite, book one is just the beginning. I felt a little cheated because; there were still a lot of problems left unsolved. And there was quite a cliffhanger at the end. I don’t like cliffhangers, because I end up feeling cheated. I feel like I pay for a story, so I want to read the whole story. Of course in this case, I didn't pay for it. I was asked to review this book by the author herself (well, actually, their selves as Jessie Lane is made up of two women) But the theory is still the same. I am all for getting the readers interest and wanting them to continue to be interested, but I dislike the growing trend of leaving the reader hanging in order to entice them to read more books.

Bottom line, I give it 4 STARS. I am glad I was given the chance to review this book. It was funny and lighthearted. It was also sexy with a fair amount of action and a bit of the gruesome thrown in. It is clear from reading this book that it is going to be an interesting series. And of course, the teaser at the end, indicating that the next book is going to be about one of the men I want to know more about…well, you KNOW I am gonna be chomping at the bit to get my hands on the second book: A Walk on the Striped Side.

*Tune in tomorrow for a character interview with Jenna and some info about the book and its authors. Also, a fabulous giveaway!*

*Humorous excerpt:

Everyone climbed into their respective vehicles to follow Jenna to her house. She should have been worried about Kent’s lack of intelligence at smarting off to the most powerful wolf shifter in the United States, but she wasn't.
She should have been worried about whether her Uncle Owen would snap her partner’s neck for getting into a pissing match with him in a public place. But she wasn't.
She should have been worried about whatever the reasons were for having members of a slightly psychotic wolf pack running amuck in the new city she called home. But she wasn't.
No, suddenly Jenna was panicked about two things.
One, did she have enough food in her house to feed two overgrown shifter males and a large sneaky demon? Because she knew shifter appetites bordered on ridiculousness that could empty a small grocery store once a week, and that was in a word - scary. But she also had no idea if demons carried the same kind of appetite, and if they did, then she was in another word - screwed. Somehow she didn't think her meager stash of pepperoni slices, cheese and crackers would go real far.
And two; she really, really hoped that she had managed to pick up her dirty clothing from around the house. She had a terrible habit of stripping off offending clothing the moment she walked through the door. So it wasn't unusual to see her bra lying on the living room floor as she made her way to the shower after getting off a shift from work. She also was not the tidiest person on the planet. In fact, her Mama had repeatedly called her a hopeless slob of epic proportions if not kept in check. The absolute horror of her little brother, whom she didn't even know existed until this morning, seeing her bras or panties was enough to terrify her and humiliate her beyond words.
Because she was quickly discovering that the possibility of little brothers, even if they appeared to be over the age of eighteen, seeing your undergarments equaled two words.
Total mortification. 

*Steamy excerpt:

Weaving through the crowds, Jenna saw Amy tucked in between two different men, dancing with her hands stroking the pecs of one wolf’s chest as she kissed him, their teeth clashing, and tongues sliding together seductively. The second wolf tightened his grip on her hips to grind his groin into her ass. Jenna may be a virgin, but she wasn't shy about the prospect of sex. The three bodies entwining in their passionate dance was enough to amp up her already throbbing core. Pushing through the edges of the crowd, her eyes found Clay at their table whispering into the ear of an exceptionally attractive blond. It looked like the entire club was here to hook up tonight. Keeping her original destination of the bar in sight, Jenna’s feet carried her ever closer to her goal when a large hand grabbed her arm, swiftly moving her into a small, dark alcove halfway to her destination.

Hands crushed her to a masculine chest, and Adam’s aroused scent overwhelmed the area. His left hand wrapped around her waist, landing low on the small of her back, while his right hand grabbed the back of her neck, angling their faces closer together. His lips were hovering hesitantly over her own, as if he was giving Jenna that scant moment to make the decision to push him away. As much as her brain told her that pushing him away was exactly what she should do, the rest of her body wasn't getting that message. No, her traitorous body was craving the same kind of explosive sex that the song was still droning on about in the background. Adam’s warm breath fanned her face as he leaned over until their lips were just skimming the others.

He growled, “ I've wanted to do this since the moment I saw you pointing that gun at me.”


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