Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birthday Bash Day 12: Kitty Kelly

Welcome to day 12! Man this is going great. I hope everyone is enjoying all these great guests and all the awesome prizes they are giving away! Today we have my blogger buddy Kitty Kelly. We finally got the chance to meet each other at RT last year.
There we are and in the middle there is the fabulous Eden Bradley! Man I am sad I can't afford to go to RT this year! Without further ado, please welcome Kitty Kelly.

Thank you to my darling Ursula for having me here today and I hope you have a wonderful birthday month!!!  Happy Birthday!!! 

For those who don’t know me, my name is KittyKelly and my review site is The Smutty Kitty (www.thesmuttykitty.com).  I have always loved reading and a few years ago borrowed an erotic romance and never looked back.  ;)

Today is a special day for me.  It’s my 8 year wedding anniversary and it’s also the anniversary of when we started dating 12 years ago.  I’m actually a little surprised my husband even agreed to marry me after how I acted the day he asked me. 

Flashback time…We used to go out to my mom and dad’s house every other weekend so I could see them.  They lived about an hour away and between work and college I didn’t have any time during the week.  After a visit in May we were driving back from a visit and I had not been feeling well all day.  It was unseasonably cold for May and I was ready to get back to my bed to sleep.  He took an exit about half way home and I asked him where we were going.  He pulled up to the dam and asked if I wanted to get out.  I quite rudely said no that I wanted to go home and asked why we were there.  I get really crabby when I don’t feel good-don’t judge me too harshly.  He said he wanted it to be our spot-keep in mind we had never been there before and although it was pretty (late night and lots of lights on the water), it was late, chilly, and I felt like crap.  I just gave him a look…you know the one that says what the hell are you doing? 

He asked me to get out of the car and I flat out refused.  He tried to get me to budge and I refused.  He started mumbling a bit and I gave him another grrr look.  Then he starts saying sweet things about me and us and how much he loves me.  Then he pulled a ring out of his pocket, said a few more sweet things, and asked me to marry him.  I felt terrible.  I had no clue he was planning to do that.  So the first words out of my mouth as we are sitting in his car and he’s holding the ring out to me are (of course) “I’m so sorry”.  His face fell a bit and then I realized what he thought I meant.  So I quickly recovered and said yes.  Turns out he had brought a blanket for us and everything but I really was feeling crappy so we went home. 

I was barely 19 when he asked me to marry him and it hasn’t been all sunshines and daisies over the last 12 years but I am glad he asked and that I said yes.  Happy anniversary honey.  Love you!

Now to win a book from my giveaway shelf and some swag tell me:  How did your honey ask you to marry him-or her?  ;)  And if you aren’t engaged or married what does your dream man, woman, men, or women look like.  Hey I’m married but I can still use my imagination!  ;)
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  1. How My Honey ask me was kinda Lame but I guess here it goes....his parents were divorced so we(me him and our friend todd) were driving to Oklahoma to pick up a pool table and I was going to meet his mom for the first time...I hadn't ever been to Oklahoma so on our way we stopped at a look out over Turner Falls and it was Beautiful... then we got back into the truck and headed for his hometown..we stopped where a few of his friends were hanging out and I met them then made a quick trip inside a store where I got the pleasure of meet the ex-girlfriend(wasn't fun) she wasnt nice kinda rude and if she didnt need her job and I wasnt afraid of and 8x4 cell I would have hit her... Off to meet his mom met she wasn't all that great either acted as if I was stealing her man instead of dating her son...but whatever we are friends now... long night heading home he was driving I'm sitting in the middle todd is on my other side snoring and we are just driving down the road talking when out of No where he asks if I would marry him no ring no down on his knee no romance at all but I said yes....then a year and a half later christmas eve night he surprises me with a bottle of champagne some strawberries and a little nighty and my wedding set... then that june we married and this june we will have been married 19 years and been together for 21 and he still isn't a romantic but I love when he tries on occasion...


  2. Mine has something fancy planned and like you I ruined it and he got all nervous. But we have been married for almost 36 years. Hard to believe.

    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. It was on Christmas Eve. We were heading ove to his parents house and we stopped at his church so he could go in. I stayed in the car because he said he'd be right back. When he got back to the car I asked him why he went in he said to say a prayer. Then he told me he loved me and asked me to marry him and I said OK. Lol. To this day over 20 years later I can't believe I was such a dork and just said OK.

  4. Not married. My dream guy has black hair and blue eyes, can't wait to meet him.
    magic5905 at embarqmail dot com

  5. Ohl the romantic he is decided we should go to the court house and get married. He gave me 3 days to pick from and said let's get er done. That was 14 years ago, I laugh at it now but then I wasn't real sure what I feel.

  6. I met my husband about...i think 11 yrs ago..we have been married for five years . *smiles* I actually met him when i was 17 and i didnt like dating at that time bc i assumed all men wanted just one thing..sex, so i just wanted to be single for a while. I was out with my 2 friends and their boyfriends when we stopped so me and Mona (one of my friends) had to use the bathroom, so her boyfriend stopped at his friend's house and we used the bathroom. Neal looked at me(yes Neal is the man i married lol) and he was married himself at the time, he looked at me as i walked out of the bathroom and said, "if i wasnt married, you would be mine." i blushed thinking he was just being polite but the following weekend he found where i was at and started to court me bc that night i used his bathroom was the night he also found out his wife was cheating on him so they split and were getting the divorce started. He was 20 at the time. It took a few years for the divorce was finalized and about a year after that when he proposed to me outside of walmart (i know out of all places he had to do it there lol..but i was thrilled none the less) We were engaged several years before we married at the justice of peace and i still love him till this day (well unless he ticks me off then i mutter a few choice words, not speak to him for a day or so and we are back to normal LOL. Thanks for letting us share our stories! Happy Valentines Day to one and all!


  7. Mine was all set to ask me and then my grandfather died. He then had to wait for another month. I had had a bad day at work and just wanted to go home and rest, but he insisted upon going out to dinner. After dinner I again said I wanted to go home, but then he wanted to go out for dessert. I was getty cranky at this point, but I went. Afterwards we went for a walk on the waterfront and he proposed. My crankiness went away. We've now been married for almost 20 years.


  8. My husband was in the Navy during Vietnam when we met and had finally gotten assigned to shore duty when he started talking about getting married (yup "talking" not asking!).

    He kept asking why I hadn't said yes and I had to explain he hadn't actually asked so he said "Okay, I'm asking"!
    Of course since he hadn't been that specific in the past my response was "When?" and being a man he told me "how does February sound?". Keep in mind it was the week before Christmas so of course my response was "What day?".

    Obviously not thinking head he said - The first Saturday which turned out to be February 7th and this year we celebrated our 43rd anniversary! It may not have been romantic at the time but all these years later it sure turned out to be and still is!

  9. My hubs was going to ask me on 9/11 of course he with all that was going on in this country on that day he didn't ask me that day. He ended up asking me the next day while we were laying on the couch:) not alot of fan fare just us and my crappy couch. In March we will be celebrating 11 years!

  10. My honey asked me a the carnival in my small town when we had gone home for the weekend. He waited and surprised me when the Ferris Wheel stopped at the top. I almost didn't go on with him, since I HATE heights, but 5 years later, I'm glad he did. He proposed in August and we got married in December of the same year. :)I love this man,and diamonds can always distract you from a rickety old traveling Carnival Ferris Wheel. :P

    smurfettev AT gmail DOT com

  11. I'm loving these stories!!! It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who got a little cranky before I was asked. :) Keep em coming!!


  12. My husband had given me a pearl necklace for my birthday and then he asked me to marry him. I was in a pretty good mood so I said yes.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  13. Well, Denny and I had dated for about 6 months before I moved in with him, I had three wee girls. Six months after that he had to transfer from San Diego to Virginia. We were going to wait and get married I don't remember if he asked me or not. But we found out how little the navy was going to give him to move, not enough to move us all. So I asked him if he wanted to get married now and a month or less later it was done and we all loaded up in his Camaro and moved. I bought our plain gold rings because he didn't have any money.
    SeawitchReviews at yahoo.com

  14. Well, no honey for me yet :( My dream guy would be tall, with dark hair, either blue or green eyes, a sexy smile, intelligent, great sense of humor, loves to read (or can do his own thing while I read), and a very Dominant personality ;) If anyone knows a guy like this, please send him my way, lol.

    Btw Kelly, I get so cranky when I am sick that I can't even stand myself.
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  15. I have a similar story...but it was on the honeymoon. I'm a big city girl but my hubby took me to the mountains for our honeymoon....to go hiking. The only hiking I had ever done was pounding pavement in NYC. We went specialty shopping for hiking shoes. We're hiking up a trail...and I'm thinking there'd better be a shower and gourmet dinner at a 4-star hotel when we get to the top. My hubby is pointing out every tree, stream, rock, and bush to me along the way and I'm wondering if it's too soon to consider an annulment. He says, "turn around" and I'm assuming it will be another flower or tree. To my unexpected delight, it was a deer and faun, just about 3 or 4 feet from me off the trail. I thought that was pretty nice and worth turning around for. There was NO 4-star hotel when we got to the top. There was a beautiful waterfall and view. And YES, we're still married, 24 years later.
    catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

  16. Not married (anymore) but back before I married first hubby, I was in HS and made two dates for the same evening. Being a total coward, I ran to my GF house and told her what happened, and ex-hubby was there with her BF and he turned around, smiled at me and said "I have the solution to your problem...marry me!" and six months later, I did!!! (didn't last, but hey)

  17. Winner has been chosen and notified. Thanks guys. Congrats Catherine Lee!