Thursday, February 14, 2013

Birthday Bash day 14: Interview: Rhian Cahill

Today please welcome Rhian Cahill. She has a new release out called Valentine's Dates

I thought maybe the readers would like to know a little more about Rhian, so please enjoy the interview.

What are some inspirations when it comes to story ideas?

I find inspiration in just about every aspect of my real life but a favorite is people watching. There's nothing more exciting that making up a 'story' for person who's in the check-out line in front of me or sitting at the next table in the coffee shop or even that guy running through the rain with his briefcase held over his head.
Have you ever heard a song (or seen a movie) and just had an entire story pop into your head?

OMG! Yes! All the time. Songs in particular. Just a line can set in motion a whole movie in head.
Do you have specific scheduled writing times?

No. I write full time but I have a large family so I have to juggle that around work. I write whenever I can. I've been known to scribble in my notebook while waiting in line at the post office.
Are there times when you think a story should go one way and your "characters" change your mind for you?

Hell yeah. ALL the damn time. lol I might be the writer but my characters are definitely in the drivers seat.
What did you want to be when you grew up?

I had a couple of things I wanted to be (wife, mother, writer) and I've manage to achieve all of them.
Which author is an automatic buy?

Nora Roberts and Jill Shalvis
What do you eat/drink while writing?

I'm a tea addict. Can't breathe with it. As for eating, I pretty much eat whatever is in the house but I like to keep a supply of peanuts at my desk for snacking on.
What are you reading right now?

I'm between books but I'm about to start Jennifer Bernard's Sex And The Single Fireman.
What is your guilty pleasure?

No pleasure should ever be guilty. ;)
What TV show are you LOVING right now?

Bones. OMG! I love that show.
Ok, speed round *g*...
Jeremy Renner or Jason Statham? Both
High Heels or Flats? Neither
Beach or Woods? Beach
Iron Man or Thor? Thor
Gone With the Wind or Titanic? Neither. They're both so tragic. I prefer a happy ever after ending. 
Thanks for stopping by today Rhian. Ok, my faithful readers, time for a comment to win a copy of Valentine's Dates! Here's a little more about the book:


She's done with the dating scene. He wants a lifetime of Valentine's Dates.

Brent had his chance to be Valentine's date and he blew it. But loving his best friend's little sister from afar isn't working. When she calls him in tears Brent's only choice is to come to her rescue. And now that he's got her safe in his arms he's going to make sure she stays there.

It doesn't matter how much Vee tries to convince herself her feelings for Brent were destroyed years ago. He is still the first person she calls when she needs help. Breaking down in his arms wasn't part of the plan. Neither was kissing him.

Forced to face their past, Brent and Vee must forgive each other – and themselves – if there's any hope for the love still burning between them.

Buy Here:
*Tell me your dream date for Valentine's Day. Candlelight dinner for two, whisked away for a romantic getaway, or something else?*


  1. I would have to say dream date would be taking the kids to the babysitter, going out and having a nice dinner, (with hot food and not having to help everyone else), going to the movie(non-kid also), and then having him take me to the bookstore and buying some books. And then putting the kids to bed and then spending a little quality time with each other.
    Thanks for the giveaway. Rhian is a new author for me.
    christinebails at yahoo dot com

  2. oh I want to be taken away. Somewhere to have a nice quiet dinner, Oh and a must NO KIDS! lol I want a cabin or room with a fireplace, so we can cuddle up with a nice glass of beer (him) and wine. Talking, cuddling just being alone. Sounds wonderful. :)

  3. My dream date would be simple..anything that is a surprise! It can be some flowers, chocolates, dinner or long as it comes from the heart and its a SURPRISE thats all that matters!! :)

  4. Brent sounds so romantic! I like that quality in a hero. Usually it's the woman who is the more romantic one.

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