Thursday, February 28, 2013

Birthday Bash day 28: Guest Post: Raven McAllan

Welcome to day 28. This is the official last day of the month but I do have one more post added to the birthday bash, making this the "Week of Evernight Publishing authors" Please welcome Raven McAllan.

Raven's ramblings on…Life, Inspiration, Imagination—and Chocolate.

Which when you think about it are all pretty entwined. Well they are in my world anyway.
'Life is where you get your inspiration from nothing else'. Some one said that to me—with such confidence that I almost—almost—dropped my chocolate. What made it worse was they were looking at a picture of a unicorn at the time. I didn't say, although I could have, "oh you see a lot of unicorns in …" (Pick your town of choice here, I'm not so cruel as to tell you where this person lived.) They were adamant imagination didn't come into the equation. Which when you think of it is a bit, well, weird.
Of course inspiration comes from life. A scene, a person, food…Chocolate springs to mind here. But it's much more than that. You might drool over Daniel, Michael, Joe or Ian. Or even Keira, Cate or Scarlett. But, and here's the but, I doubt you'll only drool over them in real life. Hair in rollers, scanky, baggy, joggers or badger breath. No it's the whatever-rocks-your-boat scenarios that give you a hot flush and inspiration, and they aren't necessarily real. I mean Johnny Depp as a pirate might turn you on, but I doubt it'll happen in the line for the supermarket check out. Though on second thoughts you'd be the envy of every checkout person if he rolled his eyes and carried you out over his shoulder.
When I was in primary school, I was told I had too much imagination. That's a horrible thing to say to someone who loved to write stories. I was told to be more factual. Hence why it took me so long to accept my voice, use my imagination find my inspiration where ever I could, wish I had shares in a chocolate company and write.
I'm lucky enough to find a lot of inspiration from the area where I live. I accept life is not always pretty-pretty, there's a lot of nasties in it. For all of us. And I'm not just talking bullies, laddering your last pair of stocking or the boss from hell here. We all have our horrors, some so unimaginable, you blot them out of your mind, apart from trying to do something about them. But I can take comfort in the sun rising over the trees, a red squirrel running across the forest track in front of me and a nice hot fantasy of … well… Hmm… lol...
Being told not to be imaginative was a salutary lesson. Then to be told imagination had not place in inspiration was a major shake up. It made me think. Life, inspiration, imagination, and chocolate. Life has to be here, otherwise we aren't. Inspiration can come from life, imagination however, can fire that inspiration. (And no one can sensor your imagination…)
And as for chocolate…'nuff sed! (I prefer good quality plain, but milk is fine as well…)
What do you think? Who's your muse?


  1. This was a excellent blog! My dad was a writer and often would wrote stories for me and my sister. He encouraged me to find inspiration from everywhere I could and to use my imagination to the fullest:)

  2. Thanks Amy, yes my mum and dad encouraged me as well.

  3. Fabulous post, Raven, as always :-) Teachers have a lot to answer for at times.

  4. My inspiration for writing and encouragement comes from my fellow Nuthouse Scribblers! Apart from the fact that they are all mad, I am the only sane one, they are a creative bunch. So when the ideas are flowing and the wine you can't help but be inspired too!

  5. I do not really have a muse. I have been looking though. Great celebration!!
    Debby236 at gmail dot com