Saturday, February 9, 2013

Birthday Bash day 9: Guest Blogger: Amanda Cantu

Hey guys! Hope everyone is enjoying the birthday bash so far! There have been some great prizes, yeah? Today my guest blogger is a fellow Book Addict. I met her through the internet (it's a wonderful thing) and she has been the most awesome book recommender evah! I blame her for my current Kristen Ashley addiction! Today, she will be giving away 2 books from this list to ONE LUCKY COMMENTER! (leave your email!)  

Yo! The name is Amanda and I'm a reviewer for MySecretRomance and an avid reader. I met Ursula at the Romantic Times Convention in Chicago 2012. She recognized me thru a Black Dagger Brotherhood bracelet I made (John Matthew aka Tehrror is MINE, jus sayin). I read everyday, everywhere, anytime and anyplace. I read just about anything and everything but lately I've been on an Indie kick. Seven is my lucky number so here are seven of my favorite Indie authors. *Some of these authors have signed with publishers but I still consider them Indie*
Anything and Everything by Kristen Ashley

----She is my first Indie author that got me hooked. She has become my new favorite author. KA can do no wrong in my eyes but when it comes to her, I'm biased. Kristen knows how to suck you into a story and when you finish reading them, you never want to leave. She creates a world thru any genre that you literally want to live in. Her Alpha men are just that...Alpha. They are bad ass, kick ass, smokin' hot and they can do and say things that will leave ya breathless, disintegrate your panties or makes you wanna slap em. Gah! I love it!! The chicas she writes makes you want to be one of them. She dresses em up perfectly, they have this aura that draws their Alpha men into them. I bow down to Kristen. Seriously.
The Opportunist and Dirty Red by Tarryn Fisher

----Tarryn is the first(IMO), new adult Indie author that I read. Her characters are messed up, they do things without thinking of the repercussions and you love to hate them. Her writing gets to the point instead of dragging out a scenario, which is a nice change. You put yourself in the characters situation and you think you can do something different from what they've done and somehow what they did was better than what you could have come up with. The endings to both books kinda have a cliffhanger and leaves ya saying...Holy Fuck!
Beautiful Disaster by Francette Phal

----Don't confuse the title with Jamie McGuires. This book is one that you shouldn't like but somehow you do. It has a Cruel Intentions(the movie)feel. Starts off in a high school setting but you don't get the feel of it cause the characters act maturer, in some parts and in other they act their age. It has drama, angst, cheating and a manwhore. Who doesn't love a manwhore?! Sequel is called Redemption.
Undeniable by Madeline Sheehan

----Fuuuuuuck...This book took me to a whole new level with angst. People loved it and hated it. I'm one of many who absofuckinlutely loved this story!! It's dysfunction at it's best. It's raw, it's gritty, it's beautiful and heartbreaking. If you haven't heard about this book then you've been under a rock for too long. 
Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torre

----I didn't think I would get into this book. There's a age gap of her 21 to his 40. That didn't bother me. What I thought would bother me would have been the main guys attitude toward sex. He didn't want a relationship with the heroine, just sex. What grabbed me into this story was their honest talk about sex. From her POV to his, we get their dynamic into their relationship and what evolves from it. Sequel is in the works.
Sempre by J.M. Darhower

----This is a mafia read. It's a long story but the author captivates you from the get go. The main story is about teenage love. How it comes to be and where you see it going. This story is about wrong and right choices and the consequences. Doing what has to be done to get what you want even if it's the wrong thing to do. 
Captive In The Dark and Seduced In the Dark

----You will get Stolkholms Syndrome after you read these books. No joke. No lie. You will be rooting for the bad guy Caleb even after what he does to his Olivia. It's dark, it's heavy, it's sad and you'll end up loving it.
I really hope you get the chance if you have not already to read these stories. They will stick with you and you can't help but spread the word. I love all these books so much that I am gifting two books. Choose wisely my friends. Happy Reading!

Thanks for stopping by today Amanda! Ok faithful readers, don't forget to comment for your chance to win your choice of two of the fabulous books Amanda has mentioned here today!

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  1. Well thanks Amanda, my husband is going to LOVE me after all the books I just found! Lol. A few I have on a wish list. Ursula this has been so much fun! Its killing my credit card but oh so much fun! :)

    1. LOL! Just think, this isn't even halfway done yet! I have so many more wonderful authors and books coming up!

  2. Loving your birthday bash so far! Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley has caught my interest. I actually seen this book reviewed somewhere else and it looks freaking awesome (so does the others you have listed ;) ) Thanks for telling us Amanda, about some of your favorites and cant wait to learn more about some of the books you listed!

    1. Mystery Man was the very first Kristen Ashley book I read. I warn you, once your start you won't be able to stop reading her books!

  3. You have a great list of books there! I've read most of them and loved them too!

  4. I also blame my Kristen Ashley addiction on Amanda :) she has lead me to A LOT of great books! Go forth and buy whatever she tells you to:)

  5. Blindfolded Innocence looks good!! Thanks again for KA Amanda!

  6. So many look good to me. I have a couple of books on my Kindle but have not had a chance to read them yet. Thanks so much for the giveaway and for the list of others to check out :)
    GFC follower: June M.
    FB: June Manning

  7. I follow on GFC - Maureen
    I have just started reading Kristen Ashley's books so I am interested in anything by her too. I also would like to read Captive in the Dark.
    mce1011 AT aol DOT com

  8. Winner has been chosen and notified. Thanks guys. Congrats Maureen!