Friday, March 1, 2013

Birthday Bash Last Day: Interview: Karyn Gerrard

Last day of the birthday bash. I held it over for a day so I could have an entire week of Evernight Publishing authors. I love this group! They are so fun and easy to work with. Also, they write hella good books and I get a little giddy every time I am offered the chance to review their books! So please welcome Karyn Gerrard! Let's get to know her a little better, shall we?

What are some inspirations when it comes to story ideas?
I have always had an active imagination. I was the 12 year old girl standing at the camp fire at Girl Guide camp (Girl Scouts in the US) making up scary stories on the fly. Everything around me inspires me. I am a storytelling sponge. *grins*

Have you ever heard a song (or seen a movie) and just had an entire story pop into your head?
All the time. For example I was watching Games of Thrones. It was a scene between Jamie Lannister and his imperious father, Tywin, and it sparked an idea for my upcoming A RIDING CROP FOR TWO (Evernight Publishing, releasing March 11) with my hero, Gideon and his father. The plot grew from there. Love when that happens!

Do you have specific scheduled writing times?
I no longer work, so I limit my writing for during the day when the hubs is at work.

Are you a pantser or a plotter?
Kind of a combination of both. I have a vague idea how a story is going to end, so I sit and start writing and let it take me to the finish, Sometimes it goes off in directions I hadn’t planned. Love that~ Generally, I am a pantser.

Are there times when you think a story should go one way and your "characters" change your mind for you?
All. The. Time. I go with it. The journey is rewarding. It’s why I write.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
A policewoman. But my eyesight was too bad.

Which author is an automatic buy?
Not too many. Elizabeth Hoyt and Anna Campbell come to mind. And Kresley Cole.

What do you eat/drink while writing?
I drink tea. Lots of it. Earl Grey or Lady Grey, I do not discriminate. I don’t eat; the crumbs get in between the keys and it makes it hard to type!

What are you reading right now?  
Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin and Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon

What is your guilty pleasure?  
Costume dramas on BBC. I have quite a few of them on DVD. I make buttered popcorn, curl up under my quilt and indulge and take myself to another era.

What TV show are you LOVING right now?  
Justiifed. Love it. And Ripper Street. Love it.

Ok, speed round *g*...

Jeremy Renner or Jason Statham?   Tough choice. Jason is my guilty pleasure so I will go with Statham!

High Heels or Flats?  High heels in the bedroom, flats everywhere else. *wink*

Wine, Beer, or Umbrella drink?   Wine all the way, preferably white.

Cupcakes or Cookies?   Cookies.

Chocolate or Gummi Bears?  I am not big on chocolate. I know, how can I be a romance writer? But Gummi Bears make me gag. Now, if you said Mike and Ike’ for this choice I will choose chocolate.

Beach or Woods?   Beach all the way. I grew up in eastern Canada surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean.

Iron Man or Thor?  Thor. I usually am not that crazy about blond hair, but this guy? Major drool. I also love a guy who can swing a big hammer!

Gone With the Wind or Titanic?I LOVE classic movies, so Gone With The Wind. Made in 1939, the film still holds up. Wonderful epic, and Clark Gable is a romance hero in spades.
Here is where you can find Karyn:

There you have it. Comment now for a chance to win a Karyn Gerrard book! (don't forget the email)
Hope you guys have enjoyed my Birthday Bash. It was a lot of work to set up but man am I glad I did it! I think this is going to become a yearly thing. 
And now back to our regularly unscheduled reviews, guest posts and blog tours. Thanks again guys.


  1. Loved the interview, I am aghast how can you not like chocolate ;)
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    1. Shocking isn't Carin? I can take it or leave it. I should be horse-whipped...

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  3. Great interview! Happy Birthday Bash!

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  4. Ripper Street rocks, and my GOD but Matthew MacFayden looks good in a bowler. You have excellent taste, madam. :-D

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  5. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

  6. Fab interview, Karyn! Another one here whom loves costume dramas and Gone with Te Wind.

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  7. Evernight is new to me. But I do solike thier books.
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    1. Lots of great authors and books at Evernight! Thanks for commenting Debby!

  8. Karyn...I'm also not a fan of chocolate. It's blaspheme here in my Library! I just don't like and am not the least bit tempted by chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, brownies, fudge, chocolate ice cream, Hershey bars or kisses, etc.

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