Thursday, March 7, 2013

Guest Review: It's Prometheus in Chains time!

Today I have my fav (ok, and only) guest reviewer, Amy, with some reviews for the Prometheus in Chains series. Today we have 2 reviews. Take it away Amy!


[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, light flogging, Kinbaku, HEA]
Five years ago Llewellyn Morgan left and took up a training job in Wales to repay a debt of honour. He uncollared Gloria Jessops then, and almost broke her heart. Now he is back and wants to take up where he left off, and he wants a family with her. She is still in love with him and wants to be his slave, but he has a hard time convincing her he will not leave her again.
Just as she begins to believe that all will be well, a man gives her some pictures he has taken of her and Llewellyn in their lovemaking and tries to blackmail her. What will happen when Llewellyn discovers her looking at the photos?
Gloria has a special birthday present for her Master, but Llewellyn has a surprise of his own.
Hello fellow book lovers! I’m back finally all the holidays are over and the kids have all had their bout with the flu. I can get back to reading and reviewing. Life is never normal for me unless I get my reading time. Today we are going back to Prometheus in Chains to check out Book 5: Reconciliation by Clair de Lune.

In this book we get to meet Master Llewellyn. He is an old friend of Master Angus and Prometheus who 5 years ago took a job and left his slave Gloria. Now he is back and hoping to win Gloria’s heart back permanently. I would be doing you a great injustice if I didn’t mention that he also has a very interesting tattoo! Gloria didn’t move with her Master 5 years ago so she could take care of her dying mother. She found herself lost and drifting without her Master especially after her mother passed, but now that he’s back she’s afraid to hope he’s there to stay.

This was a little bit shorter of a book then Clair’s usual and focused mostly on the past emotion baggage rather than a villain. I will admit that Master Llewellyn and Gloria are not my favorite couple at Prometheus in Chains (Erik and Emma are my favorite) but as always I think these are great short books. I recommend to read them between heavy emotional books. They are fast reads and always with a great happy ending! This book is a great read that earns 4 stars!


[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, Kinbaku, HEA]
Catriona expects just another night of whips and bondage at the opening night of Prometheus in Chains. Then her blond Angel walks in the door. Tall, slim, and athletic with a luscious body. It is lust at first sight for both of them.
Catriona and Angel meet outside the club, and he woos her. She introduces him to Kinbaku bondage, and in the process they fall deeply in love. Forceful in their private lovemaking, he is still very much her submissive in the club.
His mother dislikes her on sight. Someone is circulating damaging rumours about Catriona. In his public persona of Adrian Webster, Angel discovers who is behind the attempt to damage Catriona and it rocks his world. Will this split them up? He is going to have to make a difficult choice. Ready for a confrontation, instead, she has a surprise in store for him, and a happily ever after.
Hey everyone! I got another great book to share with you today. Ursula is handing over the reviewing for Clair de Lune’s Prometheus in Chains series to me. So that means that I have the next one in the line up all ready to share with you. Book 6 in the series is Catriona’s Golden Angel.

This book is about Mistress Catriona and her submissive Adrian (Angel). It goes back to the beginning of their relationship and we get to see how they met. Mistress Catriona is one of the best rope tops in the business and has great knowledge in Kinbaku and is employed at the new club Prometheus in Chains. She is missing something in her life and as soon as she see’s the “ Angel” that walks in the club she knows he will make her life complete. Angel is invited by a Dom to be his guest for the night at Prometheus in Chains and has some trouble with his new Dom and is in need of assistance from the club staff and he finds himself falling for this beautiful Domme, but will his family approve of his new love and their lifestyle?

Even though this book is part of a series I think you could read it as a stand alone book. I don’t think I have ever read a book this far into a series that takes you back to the beginning and you don’t need to really know the other characters to know what’s going on. It was all about Mistress Catriona and Angel and the very start of their relationship. A few of the supporting characters you will know if you read the series, but the story line is totally separate from any events that have happened so far in the series. Also it seems like Ms. Clair has done a wonderful job of researching female rope tops and rope work in general and it shows. Go ahead, pick it up and give it a try! A good 4 star book!

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