Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Review: Torn: Caught Between the Billionaires


When Shay Greene finally decides to give in to her long-harbored erotic desires and explore the world of kink, she is thrilled to encounter two dominant men who surpass even her wildest fantasies.  The only problem: Lucas Cross and Jonathan Manning turn out to be the billionaire partners who own Augustan Technologies, the company that has just hired her.  Shay is mortified, and she tries to suppress her sexual desires and maintain a professional front.  But the two Doms have other plans for her, and each of the men tries to win her submission for himself.  A long-time friendly rivalry becomes much more as Shay becomes caught up in their power-play.

 Lucas is darkly alluring, carefully calculating as he ruthlessly bends her to his will.  Jonathan is spontaneous, using her body as he pleases.  As the men show Shay what true submission is, she finds it impossible to separate sex from her emotions.  She knows that she has to make a choice, and her heart knows who she truly wants.

But when Shay finally does make her decision, she finds that there are consequences for her actions.  Can she escape with her love and her life intact?  Find out in Torn: Caught between the Billionaires!
This complete series includes Books 1-4: Lucas, Jonathan, The Choice, and Consequences.
Warning: This book contains graphic sexual scenes involving BDSM.


Book 1: Lucas

In book 1, we get to meet Shay and Lucas. Shay is a nice young woman who has finally gotten up the courage to test the waters as a sub at a local club. Right off the bat we see her with her first Dom and it isn’t pretty. This jerk has not gone over any rules with her nor given her a safe word. When he goes too far she is rescued by a dishy Englishman. *swoon* Right off the bat I fell in love with these two characters. Lucas is alpha and very much a Dom, while Shay is a sweet curvy girl who works very hard in her business life and wants to give up control in some other aspects to offset the stress.

Setting the book up nicely this first story lets us get to know Lucas and Shay a bit better. They meet in the real world and are both shocked but it doesn’t stop them from taking their Dom/sub relationship for a test run in London. I was drooling at the description of Lucas. Of course it helped that he was rich and could whisk me off at a moment’s notice. But he is also very much a tortured hero who has loved and lost and isn’t eager to repeat the experience. I love a tortured hero! The growing attraction between them was palpable and illustrated by the author. We are also briefly introduced to Lucas’s business partner Jonathan who is also a smoking hot billionaire. There are sparks between Jonathan and Shay right off the bat. Two hot billionaires interested in the same woman: What’s a girl to do?

Book 2: Jonathan

Now that Lucas has made it clear that he is done with her, Shay makes a date with Jonathan. Perhaps not the smartest move, but she is reeling from Lucas’s abrupt dismissal. She got too close too fast so he pretty much kicks her to the curb. I wanted to smack Lucas for his treatment of Shay. All the while give Shay a good shake. I mean yes, another hot guy is interested and she basically had her heart stomped on but sheesh! Didn’t the girl learn anything from her first nightmare Dom? Nope, she just willy-nilly jumps to another one. Of course Jonathan makes her girly parts tingle with his Dom-ness so I could see her point of view. Lucas was clearly through, time to move on.

So now we get to know Jonathan a little better. He is there to pick up the pieces and show Shay another side of a Dom. I just know she is holding out hope for Lucas but it doesn’t seem like it will happen. She fights it but her attraction to Jonathan is strong. Of course there is friction between the threesome and we are starting to see that someone is not as good as his outer appearance seems to be. There is a climactic scene where the three of them have an altercation at the club. Whew! Drama, intrigue and smoking hot sex compounded by dueling dominant men and one confused newbie sub. Now onto Book 3.

Book 3: The Choice

Just when Lucas has reeled Shay back in, Jonathan is determined to prove he is the one for her. I couldn’t decide who I wanted to smack more of the three.  It’s really getting good now as we learn there is more to the motivations of one character. There is a delicious outdoor scene that will make you need to cool down. And then just when you think you know what is going to happen, something else does. This book is one rollercoaster ride after another. You, the reader, know what’s going on but the characters didn’t. I wanted to jump in the book and throttle someone. Something dramatic happens in this installment and now it is clear there is more at play than a friendly, or not so friendly, rivalry. One of these heroes is very sick in the head.

Book 4: Consequences

Now we know who Shay is meant to be with and who is the psycho. No I am not going to tell you. Isn’t the anticipation just killing you? *g*  This chapter has plenty of drama, life threatening situations and it is all boiling to a final conclusion. This book has had me at the edge of my seat most of the way through. I was in turns in love with each of the heroes, hated them both and wanted to kill Shay for being so confused.  I have to say that most of the books that make up Torn as a whole end in cliffhangers. I am happy to have had the entire thing to read at once. We all know I don’t like to be left hanging. So I definitely recommend the book as a whole. If you read it in installments, be prepared to want to hurt someone to get the next one. *g* Go forth and read.

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