Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Look Away, Dixieland

Jenna left her life of punishing poverty behind, finding success, romance, wealth and an Oscar nomination in Hollywood but what she wanted most was the forgiveness of her mother for a terrible wrong she committed against her. Her dark secret put the man she loved in a hidden grave while his brother searched to find him. Only the love of a mother, who would go to the ends of the earth for her daughter, gave Jenna the redemption she sought. Follow Skye Campbell and her daughters from a mountain cabin in Alabama to a vineyard in Napa and a mansion in Beverly Hills.

***Caution - contains a graphic violent sexual assault. May not be suitable for some readers***

**THIS version has been re-edited after feedback from readers and reviewers**.


This is a debut novel for Ms. Posey. It starts out quickly with a bang and has many twists and turns. The story plays out over many years and for a debut it is a solid start. The story kept my interest most of the time and I could overlook some of the more jarring editorial issues. The time frame in history in which this story takes place is rich and I always enjoy reading stories with these elements. The author takes us through male and female points of view all through the story and does a fairly good job of it. The narratives are very descriptive.  This story of a classic rags to riches and murder mysteries (yes plural) is enough to engage the reader’s attention.

Now, the only problem I had with this book is it was raw and gritty, even in the female point of view. To the extreme, that I didn’t really find it enjoyable. I know this is a personal preference and many people may love the book especially for that reason. (I prefer my romance with a little more, umm, romance? I know that sounds like a cop out, but that was my issue, not the author’s.) For me it was a turn off and sometimes I found it taking me out of the story. So I urge you to try this story for yourself. Everyone likes their stories a certain way so this one didn't do it for me, but it might be just the kind of story you are looking for to dive into. The sweeping saga takes place during the beginning of Pearl Harbor and the hey day of Hollywood so it is sure to engage your attention.

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