Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review: Vegas Vacation

What happens in Vegas shouldn’t stay in Vegas.

Destination: Desire, Book 1

It’s spring break, and a group of teachers from Half Moon Bay Middle School are planning to cut loose. History teacher Meg Phillips hadn’t planned on being one of them—Vegas isn’t really a town for a bookworm—but somehow she let her friend Anne talk her into it.

Though honestly, she’d rather indulge in some poolside reading than co-star in an R-rated edition of Teachers Gone Wild.

It took some major arm twisting for Finn Walsh to convince his fellow gym teacher, Anne, to do whatever it took to get Meg to Vegas. For over a year he’s been looking for the chance to get to know her outside of work. He’s drawn to her quiet beauty and intelligence—and the hint of fire beneath her understated exterior.

When he finally gets the opportunity to peel away those layers, the result is far more explosive than he ever fantasized. Now to convince her that the week isn’t a wildly out-of-character mistake, but the start of something amazing…

Warning: Two good teachers doing very naughty things to each other while on vacation in Sin City. Hey, everyone deserves a chance to cut loose, right?


Ok, to say I was excited to read this book is an understatement. A while back, Ms. Jordan emailed me and said she wanted to use my name as a character in her story. Of course I said yes. How often do you see a name like Ursula in a book? I have a couple times and mostly they are the name of a villain or bad woman. BOOO! I am not a villain, nor am I evil *g*

I opened Vegas Vacation with eager anticipation and was not disappointed. It is the first book in the Destination Desire series and we get to meet a fabulous cast of characters. Reading about teachers going wild on vacation in Sin City was a new one to me so I was eager to see what happened. What I got was a book chock full of sun, fun and frolic. Heavy on the frolic. I have never been to Vegas but I felt like I was right there having a blast with the gang. (I love that we got a good sense of each person’s personality without being overdosed on details about unimportant characters.) From the get go I was rooting for Finn because it was easy for me to see he wasn’t out looking for a quick lay. Meg sure made it hard on him and the journey was definitely worth the read.

I fretted that we may not get the ending we wanted but I don’t know why. It all worked out in the end and I love a good HEA as you all know. I am super excited to read the future books in this series and see what happens to some of the gang. We got a pretty good look into the back story of Meg’s friends and I will be interested to see how they play out.

Of course this review would not be complete without the mention of the infamous (ok, in my mind) Ursula character. I LOVED her. She was a spunky older woman who was comfortable in her skin and a really nice lady. I like to think of myself as a sassy, youngish woman who is becoming more and more comfortable in my skin as I get older (that hill is fast approaching) so I felt happy that my name inspired such a cool character.

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