Saturday, May 4, 2013

I'm at RT! WHO KNEW!?

I got the shock of my life last night when I got a message from my awesome friends Amy and Amy.

The message read: 

We have you here with us!

Accompanied by this pic:

So, you all can look forward to pics of "me" with some authors *G*

Also if you find the "AMYS" ask them to take your picture with me!!

Here are the "AMYS" with me last year at RT:

But, alas, I am actually at home right now:
 So if you see me "with" the AMYS then get a pic taken. 

I will have a contest for all the people who get their "Pictures with Ursula at RT."


  1. Judy LechleitnerMay 4, 2013 at 12:39 PM

    That is so exciting for you! Ursula's Mom thanks you Amy and Amy!

  2. I know. I already got comments from authors who got their pic taken with me! *g* It's great to have friends like the Amys!

  3. Ursula, it was lovely "seeing" you today. I hope you're feeling up to par soon. I hope to see you again some day! <3

    1. We will definitely see each other again someday, Heather. I hear that the AMYS had a blast visiting the Siren authors. They said you guys are all so nice and you were the first ones they told me about. Sad to be missing all the excitement, but happy to be there in spirit!

  4. Ursula,
    So glad you were able to get there! Hope you had a great time. LOL

  5. Ursula, I was happy to pose with you yesterday at RT. I really loved meeting you last year in Chicago. The Amys were great too, and if you ever want some swag to give away, like signed print books, let me know and I will send them along to you.

    Like Heather, I truly hope to see you again face to face. In the meantime, take care of yourself!


    1. Thanks for everything Morgan! I am feeling much better. Sad to miss RT but you all made it feel like I was there. I can't wait to post a blog with all the pictures.