Monday, June 3, 2013

Temporary Leave of Absence: Son Graduating.

Hey guys. I know things have been pretty sporadic with the posting lately. I was sick and then I decided once I got healthy, I really needed to get "HEALTHY", so I joined a gym. Add to that end of the school year coming up and a graduating son and things just got a little out of control.  I am working on fitting it all in so just bear with me.  (If I could get some more reviewers on the roster, that would be a huge help.)

Anyway, my baby boy is graduating this week. That makes this an insanely busy week for me. Family coming out of town and his party, then we move him to Missouri. So other than two scheduled posts for tomorrow, I am officially on leave. I will be busy with graduation/party prep and then out of town with the move. 

The blog will be back online Monday June 17th. There are all sorts of fun things coming up. Contests, blog tours and new reviews. Stay tuned for more information on some of the contests. I have all sorts of stuff I got from RT 2013 to give away and some special giveaways from some special authors for my blog only. Please enjoy this picture of my baby boy from when he was 10 and the Pixie was 4

And a slightly more current picture taken last August:
Yup, those are my babies: Caveboy and Pixie.

Ok, see y'all when I get back from my little sabbatical.

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