Monday, July 8, 2013

Amy Review: Return of the Fae

A witch in training, a hunter on the prowl, and a world in jeopardy.

Learning the rules of being a witch takes years, but Parris McCall needs to master them in only weeks. Knowing how to wield her magic is the one thing she has to keep her grandmother safe and herself alive.

Ty Wallace is going mad with his desire for Parris, but he has to maintain an emotional distance from her. She’s a distraction in his quest to find Coven X before they grow too strong, taking The Council and everyone he knows down with it.

As Parris labors through the academy manuals, the couple takes a trip to find Ty’s mentor. He’s their only hope in helping Parris with her studies. To their dismay, the old man has disappeared. Their only clue comes from a witch banished for actions against The Council. When they return, not only do they find their own lives threatened, but casualties in the war between the covens have risen. And a new life hangs in the balance.

Hey! I am back!
I have been very busy so far this summer! Trying to keep my 4 little ones entertained is a full time job and guess what else I have been doing…go ahead guess…I have been spoiling my very own cute and cuddly grandson. He made it into the world safe and sound! So I haven’t had much time to read, but I did have time for a few books and you are so lucky I’m gonna share them with you!
Return of the Fae by Lynn Cahoon is one of the books I had the pleasure of reading and it was fantastic! Let me start by saying this is the second book in the Council series. I had not read the first one when I read Return of the Fae, but I liked number 2 so much I picked up the first. I love paranormal romance and this one was great.
Book number 2 picks up with Parris starting her training to become a witch hunter. She’s still trying to believe what she is and accepting her new life comes with dangers from coven X. Parris is also trying to figure out her relationship with the hunky Ty Wallace. Add in trolls, faires, and grandma’s forgetting spell and you have a great book.
Even though I started this series with book number 2 I was able to understand what was going on and didn’t feel lost. This says that the author is pretty good at what she does! There were a few incidents in the book that I read and was surprised by and that is a good thing. It made me want to read more and I’m excited to see what happens next.

Return of the Fae by Lynn Cahoon earns 5 stars.


  1. Thanks for this great review, Ursula. Congrats Gramma! What grannie name will you go by? My alter-gramma-ego is Yammy. :)

  2. Nice review and the book sounds great. I'll have to check it out.