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Enjoy this guest post by Kathy as she tackles the subject of sex in New Adult/YA books. Don't forget to enter the rafflecopter contest.

Sex, sex sex – is that what it’s all about?

One of the biggest controversies with New Adult is that it’s given the label of Young Adult with sex. Sometimes, it even borders on erotic. I have no problem with sex in books or erotica. However, for me, when writing contemporary novels about teenagers aged over sixteen, I feel it’s important to treat sex with the delicacy, confusion and angst that it often creates. And I feel erotica should be identified as erotica.

Is there sex in the Dancers and Divas series? Of course there is. These are teenagers who are entering the world of adulthood and who have different life experiences, values and hormones!

The important thing to me, is that sex is not a matter of being in love and hence having a wonderful sex life – wouldn’t it be great if it was always like that? I think characters approach and deal with this experience very differently, especially as teenagers.

In the Dancers and Divas series there are characters who fear it, others who have seen the worst of it from a young age and others who use sex as a weapon against those less experienced. There are characters who avoid it, others who experience great love and pleasure from it and others who see the often realistic initiation into loveless sex.

Often sex itself is not just about sex – it’s about self-doubt, insecurities, pressure to please or be loved, or fear of missing out. It sometimes is about sharing a unique and intimate experience with someone you love. Whatever it is, it’s part of a mature teenager’s life – whether in participation or abstinence.

Do I think all teenagers should be having sex at sixteen? Definitely not. Some teenagers are really just not ready for it. Do I think we should talk about it realistically? Absolutely. And that is something I’ve tried to include in this series which deals with so many other issues apart from a character’s decision about whether to have sex.

Not only are these teenagers growing up, but they are following the dream of success in the performing arts, where so few make it and so many try. They have to face so many things about themselves every day which is what makes this series interesting for me to write and hopefully, for you to read.  Sex is only one aspect of their complex and constantly evolving lives.

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