Monday, July 8, 2013

Review: Twisted

Love has the power to break through even the most twisted of circumstances.

In the second book in the bestselling Torn series by K.A. Robinson, Chloe and Drake have soldiered through a heartbreaking love triangle and are finally within reach of their happily ever after.

Unfortunately, their demons have come out of the dark with a vengeance, looking to destroy them. Chloe’s abusive mother enters back into her life with an evil plot that sets off a chain of events no one could ever have anticipated. To add to their distress, a relentless, conniving ex reappears determined to tear the couple apart through any means necessary. The extra strain pushes Chloe and Drake to the brink, bringing out their greatest weaknesses and putting them up against old but powerful addictions.

The foundation on which their love was built is crumbling beneath them. What are they willing to give up in order to stay together?


Wow. First of all as soon as I was done reading Torn, I wanted to dive into Twisted. Then I remembered, I had only requested Torn (read the review HERE) from NetGalley because I had never read this author before and wasn't sure if I would like the first book so decided to wait on requesting the second book. *sigh* I'm an idiot. Luckily I was approved quite promptly for Twisted and dove right in, picking up where Torn had left off. Holy socks blown off! Like Chloe hasn't suffered enough, she is once again put through the wringer by family and friends.

This go round, it was Drake who was pissing me off. Well, him and a few other people! So many times I wanted to throw the damn Kindle at the wall. After reading this installment, I can definitely say that Chloe is way too trusting...ok, yes, naive...for her own good. I wanted to shake her and be like, don't just assume the best about these people! 

So many people working to break up Chloe and Drake. Well, they succeed. Not only people, but also their own insecurities and failings work to make it happen.  There is a lot going on in this book and it kept me riveted the whole time. There is a lot of heavy subject matter tackled in this book and I was in tears more than once. I love it when an author writes a book so compelling that it evokes such emotion in the reader. 

I am happy to say that this book has a HEA, but I won't say for who. I am not giving away any secrets, you must read these fabulous books for yourself!

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