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Blog Tour & Dreamcast: Heartstrings

Everyone thinks of me as this happy and upbeat person. What they don't know is that I carry a deep, dark secret. Something horrible happened to me a year ago, and I have kept it quiet all this time. I was fine for a while, but somehow it’s chosen this time to come back, and it's eating at me--like a cancer.

I need to tell someone about it, I just don't know how. I'm pushing everyone I love away, including my mom and my best friend Charlie.
Then there is Will. Handsome, sweet Will. We went out on a date a while back, but then the incident happened leaving me crushed and him confused.

How do you tell someone you care about all of your secrets, and will they still want you when the truth comes out?

Title: Heartstrings (Love Notes #2)
Author: Heather Gunter
Genre: YA (Romance)
Publication Date:  August 3, 2013
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And now, please enjoy my dream cast for Heartstrings!



Dr. Heart
My Review:
3.5 Stars
This book is intense. It deals with the aftermath of rape so be warned. The subject matter is very heavy. If you can’t handle something like that, then this book isn’t for you.

Now that the warning is out of the way, WOAH! This book was INTENSE. I was definitely crying during several parts. Ms. Gunter has a way of writing that sucks you right into the story. I really felt like I was suffering right alongside Tori. I haven’t read a book that takes such a close look at dealing with what happens after someone has gone through something like this. It was an engrossing and heart wrenching book.

I fell in love with Will. What an understanding guy. He really was the ideal boyfriend in this book.  Shelby, Tori’s mom, is the mom everyone wishes they had. Of course no book would be complete without the perfect best friend and that was Charlie. For sure she can be there when you need her and kick your ass when needed too. These characters really made the story so rich and a pleasure to read. 

I haven’t read the first book in this series but I will for sure be picking it up now. And of course I am looking forward to seeing how Ms. Gunter will redeem Ashley in the next book. So bottom line, this is an emotional and gut wrenchingly honest book. I suggest you pick up a copy today.

Also, enjoy this playlist for the book. I loved it!

Heather is a devoted mother of three gorgeous boys.  She balances spending as much time with them as possible with writing, updating her Into the Night Reviews book blog and her day job.  Her love of animals sees her home in Canton, GA bursting with numerous dogs and ferrets.

Heather campaigns passionately for anti-bullying initiatives and has a strong conviction to reduce peoples suffering at the hands of bullies.

A talented singer, who once dreamed of pursuing a career in that field, she has put that goal aside in exchange for her writing.  A self proclaimed geek, whatever spare time she has is spent curled on the couch reading and listening to music.


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