Monday, September 9, 2013

Review: Gone Wild

Just before college graduation, Ina--star of her senior class--made a mistake that went viral. Then, when life seemed like it couldn’t get any worse, she walked in on her boyfriend cheating with her roommate. To get away, Ina ventures to a cabin on a remote mountain, intent on some solitary time.

She doesn’t count on Adam--the man who watches over the cabins--being so distractingly sexy. Adam came to the mountain to get distance from anything that could cause him pain, and Ina stirs feelings in him he thought he’d left behind.

As Adam and Ina open up about their pasts, the mountain seems like the perfect setting for a second chance at love.

Until they realize they’re not alone.

My Review:
2 Stars

So here we have a story about a young woman, just graduated from college, who wants to escape her life. Some bad things have happened and she just wants to forget it all. Who hasn’t had that in their life a time or two? Well in this story, by escape, she means totally off the grid, going to a place that’s completely isolated and unpopulated. It is a nice scenario and I figured it would make for a good read. I enjoyed the descriptions of the wilderness, nature and wildlife. It seemed like the perfect escape.

Of course the story quickly changes from one of peace to one of suspense. There are so many things that are going wrong and how do you know who to trust. All this aside there is still the whole issue of why Ina left civilization in the first place. I mean she meets this seemingly nice guy Adam, who by the way has many issues of his own, and yet she can’t stop dwelling on the past and her ex, Michael.

Ina just seemed so wishy washy to me. It really bugged me.  She was all I want Michael, no I want Adam. And the balls that Michael had to try and come back into the picture!? Ugh! He just skeeved me out. A real slimeball and I am not sure why we were even subjected to his presence other than to create more conflict. There was plenty going on with all the mysterious happenings and the whole thing with Adam. It just felt a little contrived.

Don’t even get me started on Adam. Here is a man who has completely dropped out of life. And I mean in a way that indicates he has no interest in ever trying to rejoin. I get it, he was traumatized and couldn’t deal. But after all that for us to expect that one Ina later and he is all ready to go to town and take her shopping and to dinner? So unrealistic and not in keeping with the character’s motivation. The fact that he is one smoking hot hunk of outdoorsman is his saving grace at times.

Final issue: We saw it coming and it was a great suspense plot bunny, but the whole thing with Roadsie…well I felt cheated. I mean there is this great scene where Ina is fighting for her life. It’s probably the best scene in the whole book. Then once it’s over, that’s it. I mean, Ina takes a severe beating complete with serious knife cuts and wounds and then poof. The cops come and that’s it. There is never any mention of the paramedics or her very serious wounds being treated. They would have required a trip to the hospital at the very least. But no it’s all just glossed over as if it were no big deal.

I felt like there was a lot of potential in this book but ultimately I was disappointed by the execution.

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