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Evernight Birthday Bash: Author Spotlight: Jenika Snow & Sam Crescent

Celebrate like a ROCK STAR because Evernight Publishing is THREE!
In three short years, Evernight has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to readers like you! Evernight is pulling out all the stops and throwing an extreme BIRTHDAY BASH BLOG HOP in your honor!
That’s right! It’s Evernight’s birthday but YOU get the presents…
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I’m excited to share a taste of Evernight with you!
And if all that wasn't enough, I am lucky enough to have the fabulous duo of Sam Crescent and Jenika Snow! These two, authors of their own book, have decided to get together and co-write some book also. I had the chance to interview these ladies and had a blast reading their answers. Enjoy guys!

Tell me something about your book I won’t find in the back cover blurb.

Sam: This is tricky, there are lots of hot sex and some sibling rivalry thrown into the mix. 

Jenika: In Her rebound men there is more strength within Kate than I think people will get from just reading the blurb. She is self-conscious, but toward the end of the book she really comes into herself and finds out who she is

Did you have a specific inspiration in mind for the characters in Taken by Her Mate & Her Rebound Men while writing? Were they based on real life people?

Sam: For me, no, both of our books were from imagination alone. We bounced ideas between each other on how we wanted the main and secondary characters to work. Writing with Jenika is awesome. We don’t conflict at all in our writing and it feels to flow smoothly. 

Jenika: I never had any special inspiration for these stories, but not sure if Sam did. We bounced the characters off each other and the story just kind of wrote itself.  

If it were made into a movie, who do you see playing some of your favorite characters from the book?

Sam: Wow, I would have no idea at all. Jenika, any thoughts?

Jenika: That is a tough question. I love Tom Hardy, and think he would make. Great Kev from Her Rebound Men. Of course the list goes on and on since I have so many favorite actors. 

General questions:

How does co-writing work with you guys?

Sam: We bounce ideas off and then one of us starts the first chapter. We agree on who writes what character and we pass the story to each other, reading and adding our characters thoughts. I wonder if you can guess who we are in the book lol. Jenika is amazing, I really can’t compliment her enough. I’m a big fan of her books and writing with her has been surreal.

Jenika: Usually we come up with the general idea, but after that we take turns writing the chapters and just kind of free flow it. Working with Sam is incredible and an honor!

What are some inspirations when it comes to story ideas?

Sam: I have many inspirations. Sometimes I can be in the kitchen baking and I picture a heroine in my mind and the story starts from there. Other times it happens from viewing a couple of erotic pictures or feeling the wind in my face. I use everything at my disposal for inspiration. Even looking at a blank wall, which I’ve done, has helped me to write.
Jenika: Life, songs, the way something smells, or even if so one says something. Anything really. 

Have you ever heard a song (or seen a movie) and just had an entire story pop into your head?

Sam: Yes, all the time. Just recently I’ve been listening to Fall Out Boy and their song inspired my biker book, Lash.

Jenika: Yes, on more than one occasion, too. I love it when it is that easy.

Do you have specific scheduled writing times?
Sam: I write throughout the day. After I’ve had my coffee and done my morning walk, I sit down around nine and just let the words flow out of me. I only stop when I feel the need to take a break.

Jenika: No, just usually when my daughter takes a nap, or I can sneak away for a little bit.

Are you a pantser or a plotter?

Sam: I’m both. I can start a blank document and I just start writing while at other times I plan out a story line.
Jenika: Panster all the way!

Are there times when you think a story should go one way and your "characters" change your mind for you?

Sam: All the time. It’s easier letting the story take its course otherwise I don’t feel the story is working. If I try to change something and the characters seem to dry up and refuse to work. I imagine that strange to read because they’re in my head but it really does happen.

Jenika: Sometimes, although normally they are pretty good with sticking with my ideas. 

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Sam: I started off wanting to be a nurse but after that I wanted to be an author. I loved writing and reading and I knew I wanted to be involved in it all.

Jenika: A teacher.

Which author is an automatic buy?

Sam: I have several authors. Sophie Oak, Stacey Espino, Jenika Snow, Heather Rainier, Jamie Begley. I have plenty more but that will make for a very long list. Lol.

Jenika: Katy Evans is my new favorite addiction!

What do you eat/drink while writing?

Sam: Coffee, water, and a sandwich when it’s lunch time. I rarely snack through writing. I don’t like getting crumbs over the key board lol

Jenika: Nothing usually.

What are you reading right now?

Sam: I’m not reading anything now but I just finished Giving it to the Bad Boy by Jenika Snow and loved it. She’s amazing to work with and such a talented author.

Jenika: Madeleine Sheehan: Unattainable

What is your guilty pleasure?

Sam: Vampire Diaries. Teen drama and all that, it is certainly a guilty pleasure lol

Jenika: Any kind of sour candy.

What TV show are you LOVING right now?

Sam: Bones. I love Booth and Brennan and the chemistry is hot.

Jenika: Sons of Anarchy!

Ok, speed round *g*...

Jeremy Renner or Jason Statham?

S: Jeremy Renner
J: Jeremy Renner

High Heels or Flats?

S: Flats
J: Flats

Wine, Beer, or Umbrella drink?

S: None
 J: Umbrella drink

Cupcakes or Cookies?

S: Cupcakes
J: Cupcakes

Chocolate or Gummi Bears?

S: Gummi Bears
J: Gummi Bears

Beach or Woods?

S: Woods
J: Woods

Iron Man or Thor?

S: Iron Man
J: Thor

Gone With the Wind or Titanic?
S: Titanic
J: Titanic

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